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Boston College Experience Program

Meet the BCE Staff!

Program Coodinators

Dan & Becca

Dan Hay

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Class year: 2014

Majors: Applied Psychology & Human Development; English

Graduate field of study: Higher Education, Public Policy

About Dan: Hello all! My name is Dan and I just graduated from the Lynch School of Education. At BC, I was involved with the Student Admissions Program, was a Resident Assistant, went on several retreats and even lead one, and this of course! I am a huge sports fan, football being my favorite but really into hockey and basketball as well, and I’m slowly picking up soccer. BUT, my favorite sport to play is frisbee and I’m really good at it (I think so at least). I think the most interesting fact about me is that I am one of five children, but the youngest is only three years old (cute as a button too). This fall I will be attending the University of Michigan for graduate school and am really looking forward to having a winning football, basketball, and hockey team all at the same time, but I’m not looking forward to more cold winters.


Tiffany House

Hometown: Mystic, CT

Class year: 2013

Major: Economics, B.A.

Graduate field of study: Mental Health Counseling, M.A. 2016

About Tiffany: Hello! I would like to welcome you to the Boston College Experience Program (BCE). I attended BC for Undergrad, and I am currently working on my Master’s in Mental Counseling (at BC again!). During the school year, I am a Graduate Assistant at the Boston College Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center and a Resident Assistant. Some things I love to do include: going to the movies (I love romantic comedies!), shopping, and hanging out with friends. I am extremely excited to be Co-Program Coordinator for BCE, and I look forward to getting to know you!

Peer Advisors


Mee Byun

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Class Year: 2016

Major: Secondary Education; English

About Mee: As a Korean American woman who hails from the city of Philadelphia, I have come to Boston College to study Secondary Education and English in the hopes to enhancing and providing educational opportunities for students in need. I have a strong and serious passion for social justice but also a soft spot for activities such as knitting, cooking, and painting. In my spare time I also perform spoken word poetry that infuses my love of language and my need for artistic expression.  Over the summer I hope to connect with students and provide them an opportunity to explore the Boston College experience, an experience of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual change.


Mike Felix

Hometown: Mount Vernon, New York

Class Year: 2015

Major: Psychology

Minor: Philosophy

About Mike: I have business aspirations and hope to work in human resources and maybe do nonprofit work as well after graduating. I recently have been interested in mentoring and being a support system for incoming students and those making the transition from high school to college. I am the president and a captain of the all-male step team on campus. Fun fact: I did martial arts for 9 years before coming to college at BC.


Daniel Gazzola

Hometown: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Class Year: 2017

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Computer Science

About Dan: Hey I'm Daniel Gazzola, most people call me Dan or Danny. I'm going to be a sophomore at Boston College and am currently a math major and computer science minor. Outside of school work, I am a staff writer for a student run news paper, The Gavel, and participate in intramural soccer and volleyball. I also intend to play club rugby this coming year. During my free time I love playing pickup soccer, and hanging out in the city with friends. I also love listening to music, currently I listen to a lot of EDM, Chillstep, Rap and indie music. Can't wait to start the summer!


Nick Minieri

Hometown: West Islip, New York

Class Year: 2016

Major: Finance; Political Science

About Nick: I am a rising junior in the Carroll School of Management studying finance and political science. I am from the suburban town of West Islip located on Long Island. When I’m not in class or watching Netflix I spend most of my time in student government meetings or at my campus job. I am excited to be a Peer Advisor for BCE and can’t wait to create a welcoming and enjoyable environment for the participants.  It will be my first summer spent in Boston and it will be fun to attend a Red Sox game and explore the city. I also look forward to having conversations about Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Parks and Rec, etc.


Kenny Obiora

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Class Year: 2015

Majors: Sociology; French (Pre-med)

About Kenny: Hi, my name is Kenechi Obiora (I go by Kenny) and I’m a rising senior here at Boston College! I’m studying Sociology and French, while also doing the pre-medicine track. I’m originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but I grew up in Nigeria! I really love to cook and try different recipes; I’ve actually worked in 3 different restaurants and two different grocery stores! I also love to play tennis and travel. At BC, I’m involved in a lot of cool program: I’m a Resident Assistant, and International Assistant, tour guide, and I’ve lived on a French-only floor. This summer, I’m really looking forward to exploring Boston and the East Coast and catching up on some much needed sleep. I’m also really looking forward to enjoying the great weather and getting a chance to play tennis!


Kayla Vasilakis

Hometown: Long Island, New York

Class Year: 2015

Major: Biochemistry

About Kayla: My name is Kayla Vasilakis and I am a Long Island native. This Fall I will be a senior at Boston College majoring in Biochemistry. On campus I'm also a part of the Shaw Leadership Program, The Mendel Society and The Hellenic Society. When I’m not in class you’ll find me trying a new local restaurant, or running around the city on my next adventure. When I'm not reading, working, or exploring Boston, I love to practice yoga, paint, bake cupcakes, travel, and meet new people.

Over the past two years, Boston College has become a second home filled with adventure and opportunity. The tight-knit community on this campus is something you can't find anywhere else, and I've met friends that I will have for the rest of my life!

Further, there is always something to do! There is definitely something for everyone at Boston College, and I’ll be happy to help you find your niche, form incredible relationships, and discover things about yourself. I’m so honored and excited to get to meet all of you this summer and show you all that BCE has to offer!


Imari Wilson

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Class Year: 2017

Major: Biochemistry (Pre-med)

About Imari: In her spare time, Imari volunteers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Aside from academics, she enjoys dancing, singing, and drawing. This summer Imari is most excited about the Boston College Experience (BCE) Program and showing all that college has to offer to prospective students.


Courtney Wright

Hometown: Elmwood Park, New Jersey

Class Year: 2016

Major: Applied Psychology and Human Development

Minor: Philosophy

About Courtney: Her interests include exercising, discovering new healthy treats, hair styling, reading, anything psychology related, eating, shopping, questioning life, surfing the web, Talking, dogs. Her favorite movie right now is Inception. And her list of exciting things to do this summer includes doing 5 new things in Boston, visiting middle school students from the inner city, mentoring high school students via BCE, reading 20 books, and watching 25 movies from the list of 250 must see movies!

Teaching Assistants


Marie McGrath

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Class Year: 2014

Major: English; Communication

About Marie: Marie graduated from Boston College this May and originally hails from Miami, Florida. While at BC, she studied English and Communication and sang in an a cappella group. Her two most important loves are poetry and Thai food, followed closely by cats, traveling and mediocrely-executed Pinterest crafts. She will be moving to China in September to teach English. This will be her first ever summer in Boston, and she is looking forward to spending it writing, sharing and learning with this program.


Zach Frank

Hometown: Connecticut

Class Year: 2014

Major: English

Minor: Creative Writing

About Zach:  While at BC, Zach was involved as a tutor and mentor for high school students, as well as a volunteer for homeless and prison outreach programs.  He was part of clubs that focused on musical performance and theological discussion.  He enjoys reading, writing, biking, and growing his beard.  He plans to do a year or two of service before committing himself to something more practical.