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School of Theology and Ministry

Administration and Staff

school of theology and ministry

Dean's Office

Mark Massa, S.J., Dean, (617) 552-6509
Terry Lima, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, (617) 552-6509
Diana Prudent, Administrative Assistant to the Faculty Chairs, (617) 552-8442

Admissions and Financial Aid

Adam Poluzzi, Associate Dean, Enrollment Management, (617) 552-6506
Brian Niemiec, Assistant Director of Admissions, (617) 552-6535
Donna DeRosa, Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Academic Services, (617) 552-8441
Ellen Romer, Admissions Assistant, (617) 552-6530

Academic Affairs

Jennifer Bader, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, (617) 552-4478

Student Affairs

Jacqueline Regan, Associate Dean, Student Affairs, (617) 552-6504
Barbara Quinn, R.S.C.J., Associate Director, Spiritual Formation, (617) 552-8447
Lynn Burns
, Music Director
Anne Marie David
, Music Director, Summer Institute

Finance and Administration

Adam Krueckeberg, Associate Dean, Finance and Administration, (617) 552-1275
Maura Colleary, Director, Service Center and Operations (617) 552-8443
Maureen Lamb, Fiscal and Administrative Specialist, (617) 552-8057
Sharon Bryant, Service Center Representative, (617) 552-6501
Diane Dube, R.J.M., Service Center Representative, (617) 552-6501
Mary Magennis, Service Center Representative, (617) 552-6501

Continuing Education

Jane E. Regan, Director, Continuing Education, (617) 552-8448
Melinda Brown Donovan, Associate Director, Continuing Education,
(617) 552-0185
Barbara Anne Radtke, Instructional Designer, C21 Online, (617) 552-0531
Stephen DeJute, Program/Communications Specialist, Continuing Education, (617) 552-4075