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C21 Online Network



What is the Network? When a group or organization of any size joins the C21 Online Network, group members can take courses at a discounted price.

How does it work? For a subscription fee of $100, your group can become a member of the Boston College C21 Online Network. This entitles the group to 10 individual registrations at the discounted rate of $40 per person for a 5-week or 7-week course, and $20 per person for a 3-week or 4-week workshop. The members of the group may enroll in any C21 Online course or workshop.

                       Individual Rate: 10 individual registrations @ $85 = $850

                                 Network Rate:

subscription fee $100
10 individual courses @ $40 $400
Total cost $500

                       Savings ($850-500)= $350 

What is a group? A “group” is any entity interested in adult faith enrichment: a parish, parish cluster, school, region of schools, religious community, diocese, diocesan group (i.e., Catholic schools or diaconate program), Scripture study group, committee, book club or other entity.

What is an “individual registration”? This refers to a single enrollment in a given course. The 10 individual registrations available in one subscription could be used in any number of ways. For instance, it could be: 10 different people enrolling in a single course; 5 different people each enrolling in two different courses; or any other combination that adds up to 10 enrollments. If you have additional questions about this, please email the C21Online staff at

How will the C21 Online Network enhance my organization? C21 Online is a valuable resource for spiritual enrichment and faith renewal. Our courses use the gifts of technology to provide an accessible and convenient avenue for adult religious education, ongoing formation for religious communities and lay ministry professionals, as well as professional development and mission awareness for teachers.

Can we subscribe for more than 10 registrations at a time? Yes. A subscription may be purchased for any number of registrations in increments of 10. Each $100 provides 10 individual registrations at the discounted rate. For example, a group may purchase three subscriptions at one time (for $300), which will provide a total of 30 individual registrations at the discounted rate. If your group is interested in purchasing more than 200 individual registrations during one year, please contact the C21 Online staff at or 617-552-4075.

How long does a subscription last? The subscription extends until the individual registrations have been used, not to exceed one year. If your group needs further registrations at a discount, just subscribe again.

What are the other benefits of Network membership?
• Timely notice about upcoming courses, including copy-ready newsletter and bulletin announcements
• Advance notice of new course schedules and offerings
• At your request, members of your group can be placed together in the same course discussion group
• Group invoicing upon request
• Brochures, bookmarks, and flyers for distribution at your request
• Support from C21 Online staff at

How do we join the Network? To register online, click here and fill out the needed information. You will receive a confirmation email with a group number. Individuals from your group will need this number to register for courses at the discounted rate.

How do Network members register for courses?
• Individual members of a Network group may register online. From our home page ( click on the red “Enroll Now” button on the left side of the screen. Next to the course you are registering for, select the option for “C21 Network” at the $40 price. Scroll back up to the top of the course selections and click the "pre-checkout" link (it is blue) in the left-hand corner. At checkout, you will be asked for your “C21 Network Code,” which is the Network group number.

• If your Network group will be enrolling a number of participants in one course, please email the C21 Online staff at 2-3 weeks prior to the course start date regarding the number of people you expect. This will provide us with the lead time to have sufficient facilitators to handle the enrollment.

What are some ways for groups to use the Network?
• Before a course begins, gather course participants together. Have a social in which they meet each other in person before they begin online.
• Meet while the course is in progress and process the material with the group.
• At the end of a course, gather participants and ask them to share the most significant points from the course.  This will allow you to formulate ideas about topics and themes they would like to explore next.
• Use a C21 Online course to prepare facilitators for an event for your group. Plan the event together after they have taken the course.
• Encourage personal spiritual practice by enrolling participants in the C21 Online course “Spirituality Matters.” Continue the experience with monthly faith sharing after the course is over.

Suggestions for Parishes
• Enroll your catechists in C21 Online courses to help them update. Ask us about our Basic Certificate to prepare new catechists.
• Give a C21 Online course as a Christmas present to staff members or volunteers.
• Enroll your liturgy committee, lectors, and Scripture study groups in "Encountering Mark, Matthew, and Luke: The Synoptic Gospels."
• Suggest a C21 Online course to your adult parishioners for Lent or Advent.
• Enroll your liturgy committee, lectors, and RCIA team in the 2-week Scripture workshop to prepare for the new liturgical year.
• Offer a C21 Online course as a drawing prize at your parish fundraiser.

Suggestions for Catholic Schools
• Build community and Catholic identity with the C21 Online course “What Makes Us Catholic.” Let this and other courses build momentum for mission effectiveness.
• Enroll your elementary school teachers in C21 Online courses to help them prepare for teaching religion in their classrooms. Ask us about our Basic Certificate.
• Have your high school religion teachers use selected C21 Online courses for professional updating.
• Use a C21 Online course as part of a teacher in-service. Gather teachers who will take a course together to share expectations. (If you request it, we will put them all in the same community of conversation.) Or, at the end of a course, gather the teachers and ask them to share the most significant points from the course.
• Enroll your Scripture teachers in “Encountering Mark, Matthew, and Luke: The Synoptic Gospels.”