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Computer Requirements

C21 Online uses Blackboard Vista to deliver instruction. Below is a list of computer requirements needed to run Blackboard Vista. During the orientation for each course, you will be given time to configure your computer and to verify your browser is configured properly for use with Blackboard Vista. We will provide assistance as needed with the instructions to configure your computer properly.

System Requirements
Each computer has an operating system, a foundational program like Windows which allows it to function and run other programs. Blackboard Vista works well with almost all the computers and operating systems developed in the last five years or so. Check the list below to make sure your computer has an operating system which can run Blackboard Vista:

Platform                            Operating Systems 
PC                                    Windows XP or anything more recent, including:
                                        Windows Vista
                                        Windows 7

MAC                                  OS X (any version)

Other operating systems may work, but these are the operatin systems certifed and supported by Blackboard Vista

Memory: Minimum 64 MB RAM
Processor speed: 150 MHz or higher recommended.
Monitor: A monitor capable of at least 800 x 600 resolution is recommended.

Browser Requirements
In order for Blackboard Vista to work effectively, please make sure your web browser is one of the validated Blackboard Vista browsers. Browser specifications are established by Blackboard Vista. For more details, see the Blackboard Browser Tuneup.

Make sure you have your browser is configured so that your cookies are enabled, Java is enabled, and security set on Medium (not High).

Configuring Your Browser
You can check your complete browser settings any time by running the Browser Check on the Blackboard Vista login page.

Internet Connections

Your computer will need an Internet connection, provided by a dial-up modem (which enables the computer to transmit data over your phone line), or a broadband service (which uses technology such as a cable or DSL modem to maintain an "always on" connection). The connection needs to be able to transmit information fast enough to communicate effectively with the web site you will be using. The minimum "connection speed" which will work for Blackboard Vista is 56K (or 56 kilobits of memory per second).

All broadband services exceed this connection speed, and most dial-up modems do. If you use a dial-up connection and aren't sure how fast it is, consult the documentation which came with your modem or with the computer if it arrived with the modem pre-installed. You can also look for this information in your computer.

Accessing Multimedia Content: Plug-ins
These are smaller applications which you can add to your computer or its programs to provide extra features, for example opening certain types of web files like videos or audio. Some of the materials you will use in Blackboard Vista require plug-ins which can be downloaded for free. Here are the ones you will need:

Adobe Acrobat Reader
This plug-in allows you to read a type of file called a pdf. These files capture a perfect image of text, graphs etc., so when you they are sent over the web and opened on other computers they look exactly the way they were intended to. Click here to see if you can view this .pdf.

To get the Acrobat Reader on your computer, click the link below and follow the instructions to complete the download:

Technical Assistance
Technical assistance will be available to you during your C21 Online course.