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Living in Boston

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Boston is a great place to live and learn.  Home to over 40 colleges and universities and a wealth of world-class cultural institutions, the city buzzes with energy, knowledge, and new ideas.  What's more, the city has unlimited opportunities for involvement in direct ministry to enhance your spiritual development and skills as you prepare to serve the Church and the world.


Boston's diverse neighborhoods offer a wide array of housing options.  The Office of Off-Campus Housing at Boston College maintains lists of available area rentals, people looking for roommates, and alternatives to getting an apartment (i.e., childcare or elder care in exchange for room and board).  The Office of Off-Campus Housing also hosts a housing fair for graduate and law students each summer.  This year, the Off-Campus Housing Fair will be held on Friday, June 20th and there are opportunities to stay on campus that weekend.

living in community

Students interested in living in community should look into the Newman House Student Community.  The Newman House Student Community is an informal community of graduate students rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition.  The community is open to seven graduate students from all faith traditions who are enrolled in the BC Theology Department and STM.  The Newman House serves as a space of friendship, academic and spiritual encouragement, and mutual learning.  It also provides affordable community living in an area in which the cost of housing is often an obstacle to graduate students.

The STM Admissions Office assists incoming students with housing needs, and also facilitates the placement of men and women religious who seek housing in local rectories and religious communities.

Join our admitted student facebook group to receive housing notifications and to connect with other STM students looking for roommates.