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Additional Publications

Ellen K. Mahoney, RN, PhD, FGSA

  • Shen, C., Smyer, M.A., Mahoney, K.J., Loughlin, D.M., Simon-Rusinowitz, L., & Mahoney, E.K. (2008). Does mental illness affect consumer direction of community-based care? Lessons from the Arkansas Cash and Counseling Program. The Gerontologist. 48(1), 93-104.
  • Mahoney, E.K., Trudeau S.A., Penyack, S., & MacCleod, C. (2006). Challenges to intervention implementation: Lessons learned in the Bathing Persons with AD at Home Study. Nursing Research. 55 (2S), S10-S16.
  • Hurley, A.C., Volicer, L., & Mahoney, E.K. (2006). The nervous system. In Tabloski, P. Gerontological Nursing. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, p.711-753.