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Lynch School of Education

Natchez Immersion Trip (Winter & Spring)

frequently asked questions

  • Where does the group go? How does it get there?
    The group travels to the Holy Family Catholic School (8 Orange Avenue, Natchez, MS 39210) by van.

  • When does the trip leave?  Spring Break.

  • Who are the adults that go? In addition to the undergraduate and graduate students of Boston College who participate in the Natchez Immersion Trip, there is also a faculty/staff advisor on each trip.

  • Who leads the trip? The trip is led by undergraduate students who have been on these trips previously, accompanied by graduate students.

  • What do trip members do there? The participants on this trip meet and interact with students, teachers, and administrators of the Holy Family Catholic School.  While in Natchez, trip participants: assess material needs to better supply the school; make donations; help improve the school’s physical condition by repairing buildings and beautifying the school’s grounds; and work with the Holy Family School community with areas they identify as needing assistance. There are also chances to go into the classrooms and supervise the students in special projects. In the past, some BC students have taught informal lessons on Spanish, various art projects and other lessons of interest.

  • What about meals and sleeping arrangements? Breakfast and lunch are provided by the Holy Family Catholic School during the stay in Natchez.  In the past, Holy Family Catholic School community members have provided dinner for the participants.  Meals, while on the road, are the responsibility of the participant.  In the past, participants have slept at the Church Rectory which is located on the Holy Family campus.

  • What kinds of things/how much money should be brought? A list of items to pack will be distributed to the trip members prior to the trip.  Due to limited van space, participants are asked to pack no more than a small backpack, a small duffle bag, and a sleeping bag. As for spending money, participants are asked to bring enough for meals on the road and incidentals. Bringing between $50 and $100 would be good to be on the safe side.

  • Where is Natchez and what is the weather like? Natchez is located in Southwestern Mississippi.  The city is located on the Mississippi/Louisiana border with the Mississippi River forming the boundary line. The average temperature in Natchez in January is 49 degrees. It is recommended that students pack clothes suitable to both warm and cold climates. It can get quite cool in the vans at night while on the road, but while in Natchez it may get warm enough to wear short sleeves or even shorts. 

Please feel free to contact Lindsey Itzkowitz at or at (617) 552-2123 with any further questions you may have.