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Lynch School of Education

Undergraduate Students

lynch school of education

To Lynch School Undergraduates:

You are no doubt multi-tasking as you read this—listening to your iPod, conversing on Facebook, and procrastinating about that paper that is due tomorrow. Visiting this web site is simply one more item on your to do list.

We have tried to include all the basic information you will need. However, this is not, and should not be, a substitute for substantive conversations with your Faculty Advisor or personnel in the Dean’s Office. As you are aware, there are numerous ways to schedule courses, make plans to go abroad, select a major, and reflect on your experiences here. I encourage you to use this site to get started and then to explore your questions and their nuances with professionals in the school.

As you navigate this site, you may find that we have omitted some important information. Please let us know so we can serve you better.

Happy sailing!

John E. Cawthorne
Associate Dean for Undergraduates

For more information about resources for undergraduate students, please view the links to the left or contact the Office of Undergraduate Student Services at 617-552-4204 or