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Lynch School of Education

Urban Commitment

lynch school of education


The Lynch School of Education is committed to urban education in the both the surrounding neighborhoods and global community. Through extensive partnerships and associations, Lynch School students find have countless opportunities to become involved and exposed to urban education and applied psychology.

Student involvement in the urban community ranges from volunteering in mentoring and after-school programs, to urban outreach initiatives, to participation in teacher training programs meant to enhance the quality of teachers in the city of Boston’s public schools. While programs vary in nature, each program shares an underlying aspiration to enhance the human condition, to expand the human imagination, and to make the world more just. 

As a school of education, we have a unique obligation to create these leadership opportunities not only for our current students, but also for the students in our local P-12 schools.  The Lynch School community keeps the needs of urban youth, families, schools, and districts at the heart of it programming. If you are interested in shaping urban education we encourage you to explore the pages within this site.

Goals of the Lynch School Urban Initiatives: 

  • To encourage growing edge thinking to better understand the cultural identities of urban youth, and their families.

  • To enliven our capacity to serve as teachers, mentors & allies for these students, and with one another in our respective school communities.

  • To embolden our efforts to challenge our assumptions, and to develop responsive teaching and learning strategies that allow for the inclusiveness of all cultural voices.

  • To engage in ongoing inquiry for the purpose of creating vibrant learning communities that are life affirming and life enhancing