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Lynch School of Education

Laura M. O'Dwyer

associate professor educational research, measurement, and evaluation department

Laura O'Dwyer


Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Campion Hall
Room 336E


ERME Department



Ph.D., Boston College
M.S., B.S., National University of Ireland, Galway


Examining the impacts of technology-based interventions, experimental design, hierarchical linear modeling and power analysis, international comparative studies.


Peoples, S.M., O’Dwyer, L.M., Wang, Y., Brown, J., Shields, K., Rosca, C. (In press). Development and Application of the Elementary School Science Classroom Environment Scale (ESSCES): Measuring Student Perceptions of Constructivism within the Science Classroom. Journal of Learning Environments.

Dash, S., Magidin de Kramer, R., O’Dwyer, L. M., Masters, J., & Russell, M. (2012). Impact of online professional development on teacher quality and student achievement in fifth grade mathematics. Journal of Research on Technology in Education 45(1) p.1.

Masters, J., Magidin de Kramer, R., O’Dwyer, L.M., Dash, S., & Russell, M. (2012). The effects of online teacher professional development on fourth grade students’ knowledge and practices in English Language Arts. The Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 20(1), 21-46.

de Kramer, R., Masters, J., O’Dwyer, L. M., Dash, S. & Russell, M., (2012). The Effects of Online Teacher Professional Development on Seventh Grade Teachers' and Students' Knowledge and Practices in English Language Arts. Teacher Educator, 47, 236–259.

Poteat, V. P., O’Dwyer, L. M., & Mereish, E. H. (2012). Changes in how students use and are called homophobic epithets over time: Patterns predicted by gender, bullying, and victimization status. Journal of Educational Psychology, 104, 393-406.

Wang, Y. & O’Dwyer, L.M. (2011). Teacher-directed Student-use of Technology and Mathematics Achievement: Examining Trends in International Patterns. Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching, 30(1).

Gobert, J., O’Dwyer, L. M., Horwitz, P., Buckley, B. Levy, S., Wilensky, W. (2011). An examination of students’ epistemologies in biology, chemistry, and physics: Domain differences and interactions with learning in rich, technology-based science environments. International Journal of Science Education, 33(5), 653.

Hoyle, C., O’Dwyer, L.M., & Chang, Q. (2011). How Student and School Characteristics Are Associated with Performance on the Maine High School Assessment. (Issues & Answers Report, REL 2011–No. 102). Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance, Regional Educational Laboratory Northeast and Islands. Retrieved from

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Russell, M., O’Dwyer, L.M., & Miranda, H. (2009). Diagnosing students’ misconceptions in algebra: Results from an experimental pilot study. Behavior Research Methods, 41(2), 414-424.

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