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Lynch School of Education

Jacqueline V. Lerner

counseling, developmental, and educational psychology department

 Jacqueline Lerner


Campion Hall
Room 239C


Curriculum Vitae (PDF)




Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University


Child development within the school and home contexts; temperament; early adolescent transitions; life-span development, positive youth development.


Lerner, J.V., Bowers, E.P., Jeliic, H., Li, Y., Theokas, C., von Eye, A., & Lerner, R.M. (In press).  The Five Cs Model of Positive Youth Development:  Measurement invariance across late adolescence.  Journal of Adolescence.


Bowers, E.P., Li, Y., Kiely, M.K., Brittian, A., Lerner, J.V.,  & Lerner, R.M. (2010).  The Five Cs Model of Positive Youth Development:  A longitudinal analysis of confirmatory factor structure and measurement invariance.  Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 39(7), 720-735.

Li, Y., Lerner, J.V., & Lerner, R.M. (2010).  Personal and ecological assets and academic competence in early adolescence:  The mediating role of school engagement.  Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 39(7), 801-815.

Schwartz, S.J., Phelps, E., Lerner, J.V., Huang, S., Brown, C.H., Lwein-Bizan, S., Li, Y., & Lerner, R.M. (2010).  Promotion as prevention:  Positive Youth Development as protective against tobacco, alcohol, illicit drug, and sex initiation.  Applied Developmental Science, 14(4), 197-211.

Ma, L., Phelps, E., Lerner, J.V., and Lerner, R.M. (2009).  Longitudinal research on school bullying:  Adolescents who bully and who are bullied.  In D. Buchanan, C.B. Fisher, & L. Gable (Eds.).  Ethical & Legal Issues in Research with High Risk Po;ulations:  Addressing Threats of Suicide, Child Abuse, and Violence (pp. 93-108). Washington, DC:  APA Books.

Lerner, J.V., Phelps, E., Forman, Y., and Bowers, E.P. (2009).  Positive Youth Development.  In Handbook of Adolescent Psychology, (3rd Edition).  R.M. Lerner and L. Steinberg (Eds.), (pp. 524-558).  New York:  Wiley.

Phelps, E., Balsano, A., Fay, K., Peltz, J., Zimmerman, S., Lerner, R.M., & Lerner, J.V. (2007).  Nuances in early adolescent development trajectories of positive and of problematic / risk behaviors:  Findings from the 4-H Study of Poistive Youth Development.  Child and Adolescent Clinics of North America, 16(2), 473-496.

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Lerner, R.M, Lerner, J.V., Almerigi, J., & Theokas, C. (2005).  Positive youth development:  A view of the issues.  Journal of Early Adolescence, 25(1), 10-16.

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