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Partnering with City Connects makes a difference for students, schools, and families. For community agencies, involvement with City Connects means serving students better.

"City Connects brings the teachers' attention to every student in their class. It [provides] a focused time to review students' histories…and discuss plans to help students progress. It also gives teachers the sense that there is additional support for the work they're doing with their students."


Services Delivered to Students, 2012-13

Services Tailored to Students

Across City Connects' 16 Boston public schools in 2012-13, our School Site Coordinators linked approximately 6,800 students to 39,000 services and enrichment opportunities.

Students are connected to a tailored set of services and enrichment opportunities in schools or the community that address their specific strengths and needs. This means that students identified with more intensive needs often receive more services than those with less intensive needs. For any student, the tailored set might include a combination of prevention and enrichment, early intervention, and/or intensive services.

View a list of our Boston community partners here.