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Mission, Goals, and Core Values

Urban Catholic Teacher Corps

UCTC Volunteer Teacher
UCTC Volunteer Teacher



UCTC forms excellent Catholic school teachers and actively engages in the ministry of teaching for and with the urban students of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston.



1) Provide academically rigorous and experientially rich, Catholic schoolteacher preparation based in a uniquely Catholic formative context; and

2) Actively engage in the ministry of Boston Catholic Schools serving urban students.


Core Values

  1. Ministry - Members minister full-time as teachers in Boston
Catholic schools serving urban students;
  2. Simplicity - Members commit to an intentional, simple lifestyle inspired by Catholic social teachings;
  3. Community - Participants live together, actively engaging in
 an intentional faith-based living and learning community where faith is actively engaged with, individuals are loved and supported and all experiences and perspectives are shared and respected; and
  4. Spirituality
- Individual and community spirituality and faith is formed through faith sharing, retreats, prayer, and spiritual direction.