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Benefits of Participation

Urban Catholic Teacher Corps

UCTC Volunteer at Work
UCTC Volunteer at Work
  1. Rigorous Catholic school teacher preparation program - Through courses, experience in your teaching placement, workshops, reflections, and a number of other opportunities you will be both continually challenged and supported in your growth in an amazing Catholic school teacher.

  2. Individual faith formation opportunities - UCTC offers participants the opportunity for weekly faith sharing, three retreats a year, spiritual direction, pilgrimages, and full engagement in community living and simplicity.

  3. Developmental support from mentor, supervisor, and coach - Each participant in UCTC will be assigned a supervisor and mentor in their school placement as well as a BC coach.

  4. Mutual support through community living - Community living offers challenges, but also great support. In community participants find a unique support system amongst a group of individuals experiencing the same challenges and successes.

  5. Tuition remission - UCTC covers the cost of all units in the Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction in the Lynch school of education at Boston College.

  6. Housing - UCTC covers all rent and utilities in the required UCTC community housing.

  7. Opportunity for federal student loan deferral - As graduate students, UCTC members have the opportunity for federal student loan deferment. BC financial aid will support you in seeking this deferral, however each individual is responsible for their own undergraduate student loans.

  8. Boston College TELL Certification - Through the UCTC program of Study in Curriculum & Instruction in the Lynch School of Education, all UCTC participants will complete the requirements of the BC TELL Certificate.

  9. Catechetical Educators Certification - Through the Archdiocese of Boston and Boston College's C21 Online program, all UCTC participants complete the Catechetical Educators Certification (For more information visit C21 Online site. Please note that completion of the certificate requires approximately one online four week course per semester must be completed)

  10. Monthly simple living stipend - Participants receive a $650 (pre tax) stipend payment each month over the two years of program participation.

  11. MTEL and Mass. Initial Licensure - For individuals who do not complete their MTEL or file for Mass. Initial Licensure as part of their undergraduate program of study, UCTC pays these fees. However, the required exams and filing must take place in your first summer in UCTC (All UCTC members must either already have initial licensure or complete the requirements and file for initial Mass. licensure in their first summer in UCTC).
UCTC Community Members
UCTC Community Members