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Application Process

Urban Catholic Teacher Corps

UCTC C15 & C16
UCTC C15 & C16


How to Apply:

  1. Prepare for and take the GRE - All applicants to the Lynch School of Education must take and submit scores from the GRE, MAT, or LSAT.
  2. Apply to the Lynch School - Note in the application that you are applying to UCTC. To apply to the Lynch school go to the Lynch School applicant page by clicking here.
  3. Contact your references - It will be to your benefit to contact potential references early and give adequate time to complete a high quality recommendation.
  4. Download the UCTC application - Click here to download the UCTC application. After completing the application you will need to print and sign before returning. UCTC recommendations are attached to the application download. Recommendation forms must be filled out, printed, and delivered to recommenders for their completion. Once recommenders have completed the recommendation, they should sign and return to the applicant to be submitted along with other application materials.
  5. Complete and submit the UCTC application by January 31 - Review the UCTC application checklist below for quick reference on all materials that must be included in the UCTC application. December 1 was the first application deadline. January 31 is the second application deadline. Applications received on or before December 1 are the first reviewed. We are not able to accept any applications after January 31.
  6. Sign-up for the Spring Applicant Open House and Interview Weekend - This event is scheduled for the weekend of February 28 - March 2.  The intention of this weekend is to allow those who have submitted application for the next academic year the opportunity to visit the UCTC residence, meet current UCTC members, and get a brief introduction to the city of Boston. The weekend offers you the opportunity to interview in person, see the neighborhood and the schools in which we serve, socialize with current volunteers, have fun, and get all of your questions answered.  You will walk away with a good sense of what life is like as a UCTC volunteer.


Download the UCTC Application

Click here to download the UCTC application.


UCTC Application Checklist

  • Application
  • Essays (3)
  • Resume
  • Supplemental letters of Recommendation (3)*

*NOTE: If you do not begin your full-practicum student teaching until the Spring semester, you may send your Supervising Teacher Recommendation Letter no later than February 15, 2014. Please contact the UCTC director and make note in your application if you will be sending it at the later date.