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The Impact of City Connects in Catholic Schools


Evaluation is a critical component of the CCCS intervention. It verifies that the intervention has been implemented appropriately, provides feedback to guide necessary adjustments to the intervention, and documents progress towards reaching program goals. The City Connects model has demonstrated a positive impact on academic achievement and thriving; for more information, click here. All results discussed below are for the 2011-12 academic year.

Impact on Students

  • 77% of students in CCCS schools were connected to at least one service or enrichment
  • Of those students, 24% received one service and 39% received three or more services or enrichments
  • Children in early childhood grades  most often received referrals for after school programming, enrichment opportunities, and early-stage health screenings (e.g., hearing, vision, dental)

 Impact on Community Agencies

  • CCCS schools partnered with 82 different community-based organizations
  • On average, students received an avergae of 2.82 service referrals

Impact on Schools

  • Overall, 90% of teachers and principals surveyed were satisfied with CCCS
  • Teachers reported that CCCS positively influenced the professional culture of the school and enhanced their ability to recognize student and family strengths and needs
  • Principals report that  CCCS not only positively impacted student wellbeing, but also bettered conditions for staff by enhancing collaboration, permitting principals to focus on instructional leadership, and increasing teachers' awareness and willingness to address students' needs