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Lynch School of Education

Yinnette Sano

lynch school of education

Yinette Sano

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Undergraduate Institution/degree received: B.A. in Anthropology, Minor in Spanish Literature, Bryn Mawr College
LSOE program and concentration: M.A. Higher Education, Student Affairs Concentration

What did you do before studying at LSOE?

For five years after graduating from college I worked as a Program Trainer at the Posse Foundation—a nonprofit organization that connects public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential to full tuition leadership merit based scholarships. Selected students train together and are sent to college in cohorts of 10. At Posse I recruited, trained, and supported students throughout the entirety of their college journeys.  I also worked closely to maintain healthy partnerships with area public high schools/community based organizations as well as the college partners where Posse Scholars were enrolled.

What are your research interests?

I have a passion for working towards eradicating issues of access and equity within higher education and working towards solving issues around retention for students from underrepresented backgrounds. As our colleges and universities begin to more accurately reflect the diversity of our nation, more programs and support systems need to be put in place that ensure the success of all students walking through their doors.  Our K-12 and higher education institutions have done a better job of admitting students from underrepresented backgrounds, but our new challenge is to ensure that they graduate.

What led you to pursue graduate studies at the Lynch School of Education?

The opportunity to take classes with leaders in the field of higher education was a huge draw. There is nothing better than hearing experts lecture on what they do/understand best and using that to inform your own ideological framework.

How have you gained practical experience at the Lynch School of Education?

I have two assistantships at Boston College. My primary assistantship is in the Student Programs Office where I help to advise all Undergraduate Registered Student Organizations. When looking for assistantships I knew that I wanted a position that would allow me to have a high level of student contact— I got just that and much more! I have been really lucky to have a supervisor who has spent many years advising and working with students. Seeing him in action always adds knowledge base. I also am a social justice instructor for the College Bound Program at BC that is hosted out of the Urban Outreach Office. In this position I create and facilitate workshops for 50 Boston Public High School students of all grade levels and all walks of life around issues of social justice in equity. The goal of the College Bound Program is to make the idea of attending college a reality and to arm students with both the soft and hard skills they will need in order to be successful.