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Lynch School of Education

Chuks Ekwelum Jr.

lynch school of education

Chuks Ekwelum Jr.

Hometown: Roxbury, Massachusetts
Undergraduate Institution/degree received: B.A. in Creative Writing & Literature, Trinity College
LSOE program and concentration: M.Ed., Secondary Education, English

What did you do before studying at LSOE?  

Last year, before studying at the Lynch School, I worked as an Administrative Intern at my alma mater, the Belmont Hill School. Some of my daily responsibilities included tying loose ends in various departments, helping to coordinate events for current students and alumni, representing the school at admissions fairs throughout the City of Boston, and coaching middle school football and basketball in the afternoons.

What are your research interests?

I’m interested in learning about new, innovative ways to maximize student engagement and bolster student performance in the classroom. Furthermore, I’m curious to know how effective such methodologies and practices would be within a social justice framework. It seems as though many in the education field share similar interests. However, many U.S. school districts remain at a standstill, unwilling to stray away from outdated pedagogy.   

What drew you to LSOE?

Well, as a top-20 U.S. school of education, the reputation of Boston College’s Lynch School really spoke for itself. In my research, I especially became drawn to the school’s focus on social justice and equity, as well as the vast array of courses it offered. In addition, at the time, a good friend of mine was a student at LSOE. He would often tell me how the school does a great job preparing educators for such a demanding profession by providing a holistic view of education. This really solidified my decision to apply to LSOE – the only school I felt it was worth my applying to.

How have you gained practical experience at the Lynch School of Education?

Currently, I am a student-teacher at the Urban Science Academy in West Roxbury. Now in my full-practicum phase, I pretty much do anything and everything a full-time teacher does on a daily basis. Initially, a friend of mine who was and still is employed by the school (also one of my classmates at BC) had recommended me for the position. But ultimately, BC officially placed me there.

What are your career goals?

Ideally, I wish to have a fruitful career in education as a teacher and coach, an administrator and coach, or a unique amalgamation of the three. Close interaction(s) with great educators and administrators over the years have played a significant part in helping me to develop this desire. As trite as this saying may be, I want this world to be a better place someday. Therefore, I believe that this line of work would afford me the opportunity to contribute to that cause in my own way.