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Featured Student Profiles:

Dennis DeBay

Dennis DeBay 
Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Academic Background:  B.A. in Mathematics and Music, Dalhousie University
Current Program of Study: Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction; Mathematics, Science and Technology Strand

What lead me to the choice of the Lynch School C&I doctoral program was the diverse and accomplished faculty, the strong community of learners and the Lynch School mission of social justice and equity for all teachers and students.

My research interests are related to technological learning environments and real life experiences as mediating factors between teaching and learning mathematics. More...

Fatimah Finney

Fatimah Finney
Hometown: Orange, New Jersey
Academic Background: B.S. in Psychology, B.S. in Neuroscience, Trinity College
LSOE program and concentration: M.A., Counseling Psychology, Mental Health track

"I was drawn to the commitment to social justice mission of Boston College and how this mission is a corner stone to a Lynch School Education. With this framework, I felt that a Lynch School education would prepare me to work competently with a diverse population and have an understanding of how best to provide services to them. I also appreciated the opportunities for financial support that were available at the Boston College. The combination of these things brought me to the conclusion that the Lynch School was the right place for me." More...

Yinnette Sano

Yinnette Sano
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Academic Background: B.A. in Anthropology, Minor in Spanish Literature, Bryn Mawr College
LSOE program and concentration: M.A. Higher Education, Student Affairs Concentration

"For five years after graduating from college I worked as a Program Trainer at the Posse Foundation—a nonprofit organization that connects public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential to full tuition leadership merit based scholarships. Here I recruited, trained, and supported students throughout the entirety of their college journeys while working closely to maintain healthy partnerships with area public high schools and community based organizations. The opportunity to take classes with leaders in the field of higher education was a huge drew me to the Lynch School." More...

Katherine Shields

Katherine Shields
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Academic Background:  B.A. in English, Harvard University
LSOE program and concentration: Ph.D., Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation

"I am a graduate research assistant at BC’s Center for the Study of Testing, Evaluation, and Educational Policy (CSTEEP). As a member of Dr. Laura O’Dwyer’s evaluation team for a project that teaches elementary school students about evolution through computer-based models, I help design psychometrically sound surveys and analyze assessment results. "This assistanceship has given me the opportunity to collect data at schools, learn new analysis techniques and statistical software packages, and contribute to published papers." More...

Melissa Grove

Melissa A. Grove
Hometown: Lyman, Maine
Academic Background: B.A. in Psychology, Wheaton College
LSOE program and concentration: M.A., Higher Education, Student Affairs

"I was drawn to the Lynch School because of its dedication to service.  I also knew that being in the Boston area would provide a greater variety of graduate assistantships, the ability to learn about many different types of institutions, and opportunities for professional development." More...

Leo Muellner

Leo Muellner
Hometown: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Academic Background: B.A. in History and Art Studio, New York University
LSOE program and concentration: Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction

"At the present time I am researching the teaching of recent history—the last 20-30 years—in America’s high school social studies classes.  I am looking at its coverage in textbooks and state standards, how and if knowledge of this period is assess on high stakes exams, and how close to the present social studies teachers actually get in their curricula." More...

Sheron Mark

Sheron Lindsay Mark
Hometown: Diego Martin, Trinidad
Academic Background:  B.S. in Biochemistry, Syracuse University
LSOE program and concentration: Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction with a Concentration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education

"My goal is to become a tenured professor in an institution of higher education, conducting research and teaching courses in an interdisciplinary set of social sciences and humanities disciplines including education, anthropology, gender studies, and critical race theory." More...

Nicole Adams

Nicole Adams
Hometown: Exeter, Rhode Island
Academic Background: B.A. Secondary Education & Mathematics, Boston College
LSOE program and concentration: M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction

"When I first visited Boston College as a high school senior, I was impressed that I would not only enter the classroom sophomore year as a student teacher, but also that I would begin teaching lessons during that first practicum. The Lynch School gives its students as much experience as possible. I decided to continue at BC in the Curriculum and Instruction program in order to further my study of education and mathematics. The Fifth Year Program conveniently allowed me to finish my M.Ed. within a year of graduation." More...

Shatina Williams

Shatina Williams
Hometown:Los Angeles, California
Academic Background: BA Sociology, University of California Irvine
LSOE program and concentration: Ph.D., Counseling Psychology

"The great thing about my field is the multifaceted road I can take. I love research and practicing. Developing and implementing interventions and policies, promoting educational and therapeutic opportunities for underserved communities, and continuing to expand my personal and professional social justice knowledge, skills, and opportunities are included." More...

Rachel Garcia

Rachel Garcia
Norton, Massachusetts
Academic Background: B.A. Cornell University/American Studies, Fordham University, M.S. in Teaching
LSOE program and concentration: M.Ed., Educational Leadership (non-license)

Aside from my studies, I work for the City Connects program within the Lynch School of Education. I teach their health program at local Boston Public Schools. The health and wellness curriculum is skills-based with four modules about Nutrition, Physical Activity, Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol prevention, and Anti-Bullying/Social Skills.   City Connects selected the schools I have worked for in this program based on student population needs and identified health and wellness deficits. Last year, I was placed at a small elementary school, and am currently at a large K-8 school. More...

Chuks Ekwelum

Chuks Ekwelum Jr.
Hometown: Roxbury, Massachusetts
Academic Background: B.A. in Creative Writing & Literature, Trinity College
LSOE program and concentration: M.Ed., Secondary Education, English

"Currently, I am a student-teacher at the Urban Science Academy in West Roxbury. Now in my full-practicum phase, I pretty much do anything and everything a full-time teacher does on a daily basis. Initially, a friend of mine who was and still is employed by the school (also one of my classmates at BC) had recommended me for the position. But ultimately, BC officially placed me there." More...


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