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Lynch School of Education

Jeremy Price

curriculum & instruction doctoral program


Academic Background & Professional Experiences

I have been involved with education for over ten years encompassing a number of educational venues and fields. I worked for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County developing computer-based educational programming, as a consultant and lead developer on a number of internet-based educational activities in science as well as Jewish education, and as a researcher and developer of digital tools and curriculum for CAST, working to foster more inclusive curricular environments, especially for students with disabilities. Seeking to dig deeper into and expand my horizons around the field of education, I was accepted at the Lynch School in 2007; I have found that the program has allowed me to meet these goals exceptionally well.

Research & Practice Opportunities

The faculty and staff at the Lynch School have been extremely supportive in helping me clarify my own interests, presenting new possibilities, and providing opportunities to be involved and use what we are learning. I have been involved with a multiyear urban ecology curriculum development project, which has exposed me to the intricacies of working on and completing such a project. My advisor, Dr. Katherine McNeill, has provided me with the opportunity—and amazing amounts of assistance and advice—to pursue my own research interests, meaning-making and dialogue, in connection with this project.

Valuable Doctoral Experiences

The relationships that I have developed with faculty members and with fellow students have been extremely valuable. These relationships have opened me up to new ideas and opportunities in education that I could not have foreseen when entering the program. These relationships have also introduced me to a number of great people in other departments, other institutions, and even other countries.

Advice to Prospective Applicants

My advice to prospective students is that the Lynch School is a program which will help you deepen your understanding of aspects of education with which you are familiar and will provide you with new tools and languages for exploring the field of education. It also important to enter the program with an open mind, for you may find new and surprising areas and opportunities.