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The Pro Bono Program

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As a Jesuit institution, BC Law prides itself on its commitment to public service. Many BC Law students participate in pro bono work each year. They do so for leadership development, academic training, career preparation, and community service.

Founded in 2007 by a group of students and administrators, the voluntary Pro Bono Program attempts to centralize pro bono activities at BC Law, encourage more students to explore pro bono opportunities, and provide much deserved recognition for those students serving the community through pro bono work.

The mission of the Pro Bono Program is to shape law students into lawyers who are committed to public service. Participating students commit to contributing at least 50 hours of law-related community service through pro bono work with at BC Law.

The objectives of the BC Law Pro Bono Program are to:

1) Benefit Boston College Law School by supporting the School’s mission and Jesuit tradition;
2) Benefit the community by providing legal assistance to disadvantaged individuals unable to access adequate legal representation;
3) Benefit BC Law students by providing opportunities to gain hands-on experience, develop critical lawyering skills, build relationships in agencies and firms, gain exposure to various areas of law, and develop a greater understanding of the importance of pro bono work and public service; and
4) Benefit lawyers and public service agencies by providing them with the opportunity to mentor law students, as well as assistance with their pro bono work and public service.

The Program works to achieve these objectives by:

1) Providing students with possible pro bono opportunities and helping facilitate placements;
2) Providing recognition for students who perform pro bono work; and
3) Providing on-campus events, such as pro bono fairs and speakers, to promote pro bono work.

Student Pro Bono Entrepreneurs

Do you know of an organization that would be a good pro bono placement? Have you worked for an attorney doing public interest or pro bono work who might be a good supervisor? Are you interested in deveopping a group pro bono project? If so, please contact Kate Devlin Joyce in the Office of Career Services about making the organization, attorney, or project a part of the Pro Bono Program.


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For Students

First-Year Students
Should you participate in the program?

Arranging placement, accumulating hours, recording hours on Symplicity.

Levels of recognition for pro bono work.

Organizations & Resources
Partner organizations, useful links for finding pro bono placement, and BC Law Pro Bono Spring Break programs.

New York State Pro-Bono Requirements


For Organizations
Submit a pro bono placement opportunity for our students.

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