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Printing & Server Resources

Directions for Printing at the Law School

On this page are PDF instructions for setting up printing access on your personal laptop computer. You may seek additional help from our Computer Help Center which is located in the Law Library Room 205.


Center for Human Rights and International Justice

Printer is located in Post-Deportation Human Rights Project (Kenny Cottle suite 200)

CHRIJ Printing for Mac

CHRIJ Printing for Windows


Juvenile Rights Advocacy Project (JRAP) Lab Printing

JRAP Printing for Mac

JRAP Printing for Windows


Law Review Production Lab Printing Instructions

Law Review Printing for Mac

Law Review Printing for Windows


Law Library Computer Lab Printing Instructions

Pharos Printers are located in Law Library rooms 155, 253, 300, 476, and outside room 205.

Pharos Printing for Mac

Pharos Printing for Windows Vista & 7

Pharos Printing for Windows 8


Legal Assistance Bureau (LAB) Printing

LAB Printing for Mac

LAB Printing for Windows 7

Lab Printing for Windows 8


Political Asylum/Immigration Representation Project (PAIR)

PAIR Printing for Mac

PAIR Printing for Windows 7


Research & Teaching Assistants Printing Instructions

RA printer which is located at the Information Desk of the Law Library.

RA Printing for Mac

RA Printing for Windows 7

RA Printing for Windows 8


Uniform Commercial Code Reporter (UCC) Production Lab Printing

UCC Printing for Mac

UCC Printing for Windows 7


Questions? Email ATR or call 617-552-2604.