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Other International Organizations

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International Law Commission

  • Description: A subsidiary organ of the United Nations, the ILC has been charged with the formulation of international legal principles in areas such as the law of the sea, diplomatic relaltions, the law of treaties, the relationship between states and international organizations, and the international criminal court. This website provides information on Commission activity, and includes the texts of multilateral treaties negotiated and drafted by the ILC.

Organization of American States

  • Description: Countries of the Western Hemisphere comprise this international organization that works for the economic, social, and political development of the region. The OAS website has links to its Charter, Inter-American treaties, Resolutions and Declarations.

United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights

  • Description: The High Commissioner on Human Rights is the prinicipal United Nations official with responsibility for human rights. This website provides links to important human rights documents, subject guides for human rights issues, and links to the websites for major United Nations human rights bodies.

World Trade Organization

  • Description: The WTO is a multinational organzation dedicated to the development of international trade relations. This website provides information on the structure and organization of the WTO, the text of WTO treaties, and the text of dispute resolultion decisions.

Northwestern University Library International Governmental Organizations

  • Description: This website provides a comprehensive list of links to the websites maintained by international organzations around the world.