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United States District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts

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  • Dates: Varies by source
  • Access: Password required for LexisNexis, Westlaw
  • Description:Full-text of opinions from District Courts: FindLaw; LexisNexis (filename DIST); Westlaw (filename DCT for 1945 to date and DCT-OLD for pre-1945). Bankruptcy Court opinions: LexisNexis (filename BANKR; covers 1979 to date); (selected decisions 1975 to date); Westlaw (filename FBKR-BCT; covers 1979 to date)

Docket and Case Information

  • Dates: Varies by court
  • Access: Password required for Pacer
  • Description: Fee-based access for individual district court docket and case management data available on fee basis from Pacer; includes a listing of all parties and participants including judges, attorneys, and trustees; chronology of dates of case events entered in the case record; claims registry; judgments or case status. Note: some district courts' web sites allow public access to docket information; check individual court.


  • Access: Password required for LexisNexis, Westlaw
  • Description: Provides full text of federal local court rules; LexisNexis (filename is state abbreviation+FRUL, e.g. MAFRUL for Massachusetts federal local court rules); Westlaw (filename: state abbreviation-RULES, e.g. MA-RULES); individual district court sites offer access to local rules, local bankruptcy rules, fee schedules, forms and filing procedures - locate web sites through the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. The Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure are available on LexisNexis (filename BKRULE) and Westlaw (filename FBKR-RULES).