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2010 Archive

faculty in the news

Madoff on Emily Rooney Show on Estate Tax

December 17, 2010 -

Newton, MA--Professor Ray Madoff talks to the Emily Rooney show on the estate tax issue.

Madoff in NY Times on Estate Tax

December 15, 2010 -

Newton, MA--Professor Ray Madoff argues that the country should get rid of the estate tax altogether and tax heirs on income.

Kanstroom Talks about American Dream on WGBH

December 10, 2010 -

Newton, MA--Dan Kanstroom discusses the American Dream act on WGBH's Greater Boston.

Madoff Quoted by Reuters on Estate Tax

December 7, 2010 -

 Newton, MA--Professor Ray Madoff is quoted by Reuters on the estate tax extensions.

Cassidy Talks to Banner on Justice Ireland Appointment

November 11, 2010 -

Newton, MA--Professor Michael Cassidy comments on the symbolic importance of the appointment of Massachusetts' first black chief justice.

Plater Quoted in Reuter's Report on BP Oil Spill

December 1, 2010 -

Newton, MA--Professor Zygmunt Plater is quoted in a Reuters Special Report on the growing costs of the BP oil spill.

Lyons on NBC and Comcast Merger

November 12, 2010 -

 Newton, MA--Professor Daniel Lyons discusses why the Comcast/NBC Universal merger is not a threat to MSNBC, but an opportunity.

Madoff on NPR on Publicity Rights of Dead

November 10, 2010 -

 Newton, MA--Professor Ray Madoff talks to NPR about the publicity rights of the dead.

Katz in Globe on Veteran's Moment of Silence

November 9, 2010 -

 Newton, MA--Professor Sanford Katz is mentioned in an article about the push to create a national moment of silence on Veteran's Day.

Madoff Op Ed in Chronicle of Philanthropy

November 8, 2010 -

 Newton, MA--Professor Ray Madoff's op ed on charitable giving appeared in the new issue of Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Plater On Cape Wind Project Litigation

5/03/10--Zyg Plater discusses the Cape Wind Project litigation with the Boston Globe.   more »

Albert Pens Obama Op-ed in Huffington Post

4/28/10--Professor Richard Albert writes about our "conscience in chief" in The Huffington Post.   more »

Immortality and the Law Reviewed by Financial Times

4/26/10--Ray Madoff's new book was reviewed by the Financial Times.

  more »

Madoff on NPR to Discuss Estate Tax

4/22/10- Ray Madoff appeared on NPR on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 to discuss estate tax issues.   more »

Brodin Discusses New Book at Social Law Library

4/13/10--BC Law Professor Mark Brodin made several presentations recently on his new book, "William P. Homans Jr.: A Life In Court," including at the historical society's Social Law Library.   more »

Greenfield Op Ed on Supreme Court

4/12/10--Kent Greenfield writes an op ed in the Huffington Post on Justice Stevens' retirement.   more »

Papandrea on Online Free Speech in Globe

4/01/10--Southborough has been looking into the possibility of taking legal action against an anonymous commenter who has blasted town officials and residents on a popular local website.   more »

Albert on Health Care and the Supreme Court

03/25/10-- Professor Richard Albert's latest op ed in the Huffington Post discusses how the new health care law will constrain the President's choice of the next Supreme Court nominee.    more »

Fran Sherman Testifies Before House Subcommittee

3/12/10--BC Law Professor and director of the Juvenile Rights Advocacy Project Francine Sherman testified yesterday in front of the US  House Subcommittee on Healthy Families and Communities, Committee on Education and Labor.
  more »

Kanstroom Quoted in Law Week on Detainees

3/0810--Dan Kanstroom talks to Law Week about the Supreme Court remanding a habeas corpus case brought on behalf of 17 ethnic Uighurs from China.   more »

LRR&W Professors on Revision in MLW

2/15/10--Many writers edit their documents when they should be revising. As used in this column, "editing" means refining the presentation of a document in terms of paragraph breaks, run-on sentences, grammar, punctuation, spelling and the like. "Revising" entails evaluating the substance of the document to determine whether it achieves its purpose.   more »

Albert Op Ed on Afghan President's Second Term

3/12/10--Hamid Karzai's second term as president of Afghanistan has begun just as poorly as his first term ended, says BC Law Professor Richard Albert. From UPI Asia.   more »

Repetti Article in Tax Notes Top 10

2/04/10--BC Law Professor James Repetti's article, "The Estate Tax Non-Gap: Why Repeal a 'Voluntary' Tax?" 20 Stan. L. & Pol'y Rev. 153 (2009), coauthored with Paul Caron, was recently listed in Tax Notes as one of ten noteworthy law review articles published in 2009 that should be read.   more »

Greenfield in Globe on Campaign Funding

1/23/10--THE SUPREME Court’s sharply divided decision to strike down limits on political campaign expenditures by corporations is judicial activism at its worst (from Boston Globe).   more »

Greenfield Op Ed on Citizen's United Case

1/22/10--Today's Supreme Court decision in Citizen's United v. FEC is perhaps the most activist decision of the Supreme Court since Bush v Gore, and might be just as harmful to the nation (from Huffington Post).   more »

Barrozo NPR Op-Ed on Haitiian Orphans

1/21/10--Authorities in Haiti and the United States are to be applauded for easing restrictions on international adoption to permit some children to escape their dire circumstances.   more »

Garvey Op-Ed in Boston Herald

1/19/10--Reading James Madison’s “Memorial and Remonstrance” last week, I was struck by how timely it is after 225 years (from Boston Herald).   more »