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2009 Archive

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Repetti Article in Tax Notes Top 10

2/04/10--BC Law Professor James Repetti's article, "The Estate Tax Non-Gap: Why Repeal a 'Voluntary' Tax?" 20 Stan. L. & Pol'y Rev. 153 (2009), coauthored with Paul Caron, was recently listed in Tax Notes as one of ten noteworthy law review articles published in 2009 that should be read.   more »

Greenfield in Globe on Campaign Funding

1/23/10--THE SUPREME Court’s sharply divided decision to strike down limits on political campaign expenditures by corporations is judicial activism at its worst (from Boston Globe).   more »

Greenfield Op Ed on Citizen's United Case

1/22/10--Today's Supreme Court decision in Citizen's United v. FEC is perhaps the most activist decision of the Supreme Court since Bush v Gore, and might be just as harmful to the nation (from Huffington Post).   more »

Barrozo NPR Op-Ed on Haitiian Orphans

1/21/10--Authorities in Haiti and the United States are to be applauded for easing restrictions on international adoption to permit some children to escape their dire circumstances.   more »

Garvey Op-Ed in Boston Herald

1/19/10--Reading James Madison’s “Memorial and Remonstrance” last week, I was struck by how timely it is after 225 years (from Boston Herald).   more »

Sherman Talks to Cape Cod Times about Juvenile Crime

12/15/09--In Barnstable County courts, the number of juvenile delinquency complaints dropped by 36 percent between 2006 and 2008.   more »

Madoff Talks to Bloomberg about Last Wishes

Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- You think you’ve done the legal paperwork to avoid becoming another Terri Schiavo, who was trapped in a hopeless vegetative state while her family argued over whether to keep her going.   more »

Madoff Op Ed on Federal Estate Tax

11/23/09--HOW do you tell a wealthy heiress from a family farmer? It sounds like the setup for a joke. But in fact it is the fundamental problem underlying sensible reform of the federal estate tax.   more »

Albert Op Ed on Afghanistan Election Results

11/23/09--Richard Albert writes an op-ed on the future of Afghanistan with Hamid Karzai at the helm for a second term.   more »

Brown Talks Ethics Reform

10/30/09--Professor George Brown discusses ethics reform and disclosures with the Metrowest Daily News.   more »

Brown Quoted in Times on Government Ethics

George D. Brown is quoted in the New York Times article on political dishonesty and government ethics
  more »

Albert Op Ed on U.S. Attorneys General in The Hill

12/01/09--In the last decade, U.S. Attorneys General have steadily eroded the independence of their office in the eyes of Americans, writes Law School Assistant Professor Richard Albert.   more »

Albert Op Ed on the 2012 Republican Nomination

10/9/09--Richard Albert writes an op-ed piece for The Hill on the 2012 Republican nomination.   more »

Kohler Quoted in Globe about Astra Chief Exec

Massachusetts' highest court yesterday ruled that the former chief executive of Westborough pharmaceutical company Astra USA Inc. must forfeit nearly $7 million in salary and bonuses he collected from 1991 through 1996.

  more »

Brown in Mass Lawyers Weekly about Ethics Bill

10/5/09--Thanks to the landmark ethics bill signed by Gov. Deval L. Patrick over the summer, attorneys who peddle influence on Beacon Hill are being forced to define where lobbying ends and lawyering begins.   more »

Kanstroom Quoted in Times on Deportation Legal History

10/2/09--Kanstroom's expertise in deportation is quoted in the New York Times feature on Chinese immigration.
  more »

Kanstroom on Haitian Criminal Deportees

9/30/09--Dan Kanstroom talks to NACLA on "criminal deportees”—non-citizen U.S. residents convicted of various crimes, ranging from immigration violations to homicide.   more »

Cassidy Talks about Firm Recuiting with BBJ

8/15/09--Michael Cassidy discusses the drop in law firm recuiting on law school campuses.   more »

Albert on Canadian Senate Appointments

9/03/09--Richard Albert talks to the Winnipeg Free Press about the recent Senate appointments.   more »

Albert Op Ed on Health Care

8/25/09--Richard Albert writes an op ed on Obama's responses to the universal health care issue in the Boston Herald.   more »

Kohler Talks to AP on Globe, Union Battle

6/10/09--Tom Kohler talks to the Associated Press about the Boston Globe's union battle.   more »

Albert Op Ed on Afghanistan Election

8/11/09--Richard Albert writes an op ed for UPI Asia for why Hamid Karzai should bow out of the upcoming Afghanistan election.   more »

Albert Writes for Politico on Obama's "Czars"

7/20/09--Richard Albert writes an op-ed for Politico on Obama's new "czars" and the conflicts that have arisen.   more »

Kohler Talks to Poynter about Globe Union Struggle

6/08/09--Union members in one of the nation's most prestigious newsrooms face a high-stakes decision Monday: accept sharp cuts in pay and benefits or reject the plan that the paper's owners say is necessary to its survival.   more »

Brown on WBUR about DiMasi Indictment

6/03/09--George Brown talks to WBUR radio about the DiMasi indictment (mp3 file).   more »

Greenfield Talks to ABA Journal about Souter

5/28/09--Kent Greenfield discusses David Souter's life on the bench.   more »

Greenfield Talks to NECN about Supreme Court

5/28/09--Kent Greenfield discusses the Supreme Court nominee with NECN (video).
  more »

Greenfield Blogs on Supreme Court

5/26/09--Kent Greenfield blogs in the Huffington Post about the importance of empathy in a Supreme Court Justice.   more »

Yen on Minority Hiring in Higher Ed

5/19/09--Fred Yen talks to Diverse Issues in Higher Education Magazine about the hiring of Asian Pacific Islander law professors.   more »

Kohler Talks to Globe about Deal with Union

5/07/09--Thomas Kohler discusses the pact with the Boston Globe's largest union.   more »

Papandrea on Souter's Retirement (NECN)

5/04/09--Papandrea talks to NECN about the Supreme Court Justice's retirement announcement.   more »

Papandrea Blogs on FCC v. Fox

5/01/09--Mary Rose Papandrea blog about the recent case.   more »

BC Human Rights Project Featured on ABC News

4/14/09--Dan Kanstroom and BC's Post-Deportation Human Rights Project were featured in recent news stories about wrongful deportations.   more »

Yen Blogs on UConn Recruiting

4/06/09--Professor Fred Yen blogs on UConn's recruiting violations.   more »

BC Law Hosts Israeli Ambassador

Israeli ambassador to the UN Gabriela Shalev and Cardinal Sean O'Malley discussed Catholic-Jewish relations at an event co-sponsored by the ADL and BC Law School.
  more »

Brown Talks to WBUR about Ethics Bill

Brown Talks to WBUR about Ethics Bill   more »

Madoff in Chronicle of Philanthropy on Helmsley Trust

3/19/09--The trustees of the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust do not have to limit the distribution of their grants to charities focused on the care and welfare of dogs, a New York judge ruled last month.   more »

Dean Garvey in Times about Alternative to LSAT

3/11/09--Professors at the University of California, Berkeley, have come up with a test that they say is better at predicting success in the field than the widely used Law School Admission Test. From the New York Times.   more »

Greenfield on Justice Ginsburg and Supreme Court (Video)

2/13/09--Kent Greenfield talks to NECN about Justice Ginsburg's cancer surgery and what it means for the Court (video).   more »

Bloom on Wilkerson Bribery Case

2/13/09--Bob Bloom talks to the Herald about the Wilkerson case and Senate President Therese Murray's legal fees.   more »

Papandrea Blogs about Student Speech Rights

1/29/09--Mary Rose Papandrea blogs on the Citizen's Media Law Project regarding a recent case against a high school student around freedom of speech in the Internet age.   more »

Cassidy Discusses Murder Trial with AP

1/12/09--Mike Cassidy talks to the Associated Press about the length of time an arson/murder case has taken to get to trial.   more »

McCann in SI: Amphetamine Use in Baseball

1/10/09--Michael McCann's Sports Illustrated column discusses amphetamine use in Major League Baseball.   more »

Brodin Letter in New Yorker

1/28/09--Mark Brodin's letter in response to Jeffrey Toobin’s article on Barney Frank is published in the New Yorker.   more »

Brunell Argues Case Before US Supreme Court

12/10/08--Adjunct Professor Rick Brunell has argued Pacific Bell v. Linkline before the United States Supreme Court.   more »

Yen on Satriani v. Coldplay Copyright Case

12/09/08--Fred Yen blogs about Joe Satriani's lawsuit against Coldplay on copyright infringement.   more »