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2008 Archive

faculty in the news

Brunell Argues Case Before US Supreme Court

12/10/08--Adjunct Professor Rick Brunell has argued Pacific Bell v. Linkline before the United States Supreme Court.   more »

Yen on Satriani v. Coldplay Copyright Case

12/09/08--Fred Yen blogs about Joe Satriani's lawsuit against Coldplay on copyright infringement.   more »

McCann on NFL Star Shooting (CNN video)

  more »

Bloom Discusses New Police Gang Database

12/01/08--Professor Bloom talks to the Globe about the new police system that allows officers to share reports statewide and rate criminal activity.   more »

Renee Jones on Financial Fraud in Bloomberg

11/18/08--Professor Jones is quoted in a Bloomberg article highlighting the role of states securities regulators in policing financial fraud.   more »

Plater's Environmental Law Course Profiled in Heights

11/15/08--Zyg Plater's innovative environmental law course for undergraduates gets a feature story in BC Heights.   more »

Brown Assigned to Public Integrity Task Force

11/10/08--Governor Devall Patrick has named professor George Brown to his 12-member public integrity task force. From the Boston Globe.   more »

Repetti Blogs on Obama Tax Policy

11/05/08--James Repetti, the William J. Kenealy, S.J. professor of Law, offers advice on critical tax policy issues to President-elect Obama in TaxProf Blog.   more »

Madoff on Helmsley Trust: Hudson Institute Event

9/09/08--Ray Madoff participates in a discussion on the Leona Helmsley Charitable Trust, hosted by the Hudson Institute (streaming audio and video available under Media Clips).   more »

Brown on Anti-Corruption Legislation (LA Times)

7/31/08--George Brown talks to the LA Times about anti-corruption legislation in Congress.   more »

McCann Talks to CNN about NBA Scandal

7/30/08--Michael McCann discusses the sentencing of the gambling referee and the future of the NBA.   more »

Bloom on Rights of Mentally Ill Defendants

7/24/08--Bob Bloom talks about the right of a mentally ill defendant to represent him or herself in court.   more »

Bloom on Gun Control Laws

7/21/08--Bob Bloom talks to the Cape Cod Times about the recent Supreme Court ruling.   more »

Greenfield on the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Bailout

7/21/08--Kent Greenfield's op ed calls Americans to task for increasing debt loads, and questions the federal recent bailouts of failing financial institutions.   more »

Madoff takes on Helmsley Trust in NYT Op-ed

07/09/08--Ray Madoff's op-ed in the NY Times about Leona Helmsley's Charitable Trust.   more »

Kohler leads Catholic Scholars in Supporting Unions

Tom Kohler is quoted in the Boston Globe.   more »

Sherman Helps Overhaul Juvenile Delinquency Program

The BC Law professor helps Washoe County convene a working group focused on the needs of girls in the juvenile justice system, and monitored how the system interacted with girls on a daily basis.   more »

Jones Blogs on Why Judges Write for Law Reviews

1/28/08--Professor Renee Jones weighs in with her latest entry on the Conglomerate blog.   more »

Wilkins on Lawyers for Needy in Civil Cases

1/27/08--Herbert Wilkins discusses the issue of taxpayer-funded representation for those who are in need.   more »

CSX Vote Delay--Desperate Gamble or Shrewd Move?

6/30/08--Kent Greenfield is quoted in this article from The Guardian.   more »

Studying Affirmative Action's Effects

1/08/08--John Garvey talks about the value of research in discussions about the future of affirmative action policies.   more »

Repetti Joins AALS Tax Section Leadership

1/08/08--The BC Law professor was elected to the Tax Section Executive Committee.   more »

Jones on Fake Steve Jobs

12/05/07--Renee Jones joins the discussion with two entries about "Fake" Steve Jobs's new book, oPtion$, on Prawfsblawg.   more »

Jefferson Case Could Change Bribery Laws

11/14/07--George Brown talks to the New Orleans Times-Picayune about rewriting the laws to spell out more clearly what it means to be on the take.   more »

Two Misunderstandings About Immigration

11/12/07--Dan Kanstroom's op ed on immigration appears on The History News Network.   more »

How Did Carona Become a Federal Target?

11/08/07--George Brown talks to the Los Angeles Times about the debate surrounding the federal government's involvement in prosecuting local public officials.   more »