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2007 Archive

faculty in the news

Jefferson Case Could Change Bribery Laws

11/14/07--George Brown talks to the New Orleans Times-Picayune about rewriting the laws to spell out more clearly what it means to be on the take.   more »

Jones on Fake Steve Jobs

12/05/07--Renee Jones joins the discussion with two entries about "Fake" Steve Jobs's new book, oPtion$, on Prawfsblawg.   more »

Two Misunderstandings About Immigration

11/12/07--Dan Kanstroom's op ed on immigration appears on The History News Network.   more »

How Did Carona Become a Federal Target?

11/08/07--George Brown talks to the Los Angeles Times about the debate surrounding the federal government's involvement in prosecuting local public officials.   more »

These Welcoming Shores

10/23/07--Dan Kanstroom talks to the Financial Times about the experience of foreigners living in America after 9/11.   more »

No Need for a Warrant, You're an Immigrant

10/15/07--Dan Kanstroom talks to the New York Times about new immigration laws.   more »

Red Sox and Blue Voters

10/12/07--Kent Greenfield has some fun making the case for Blue State voters cheering on the Red Sox in this year's playoffs.   more »

Justice Thomas & the Electronic Media

10/9/07--Mary-Rose Papandrea takes part in an online symposium on the First Amendment and Justice Clarence Thomas.   more »

Music Sharing Lawsuit Goes to Court

10/4/07--Fred Yen talks to National Public Radio about the record industry's lawsuits against those illegally sharing music online.   more »

Facing Deportation

10/2/07--BC Law Adjunct Professor Allan Ryan talks with Greater Boston (WGBH) about a man accused of Nazi war crimes (September 27 video).   more »

"Democracy and Opportunity"

9/26/07-- Tax Research UK says Jim Repetti's article is a "fascinating read, well argued and quite simply moves the debate on tax justice forward considerably."   more »

The Patriots, Belichick and Circumvention

9/14/07--Fred Yen blogs about the New England Patriots and the taping scandal in the NFL.   more »

Building Bridges: New Surge in War Against Immigrants

9/07/07--Dan Kanstroom discusses immigration on WBAI Public Radio (audio MP3 file).   more »

New Gilded Age of Super Rich and Sub-Rich

9/04/07--Ray Madoff talks with KCRW Radio about the new super-rich in America (audio).   more »

Failure of Corporate Law Reviewed

8/24/07--Kent Greenfield's new book is called "a seminal piece of writing that evidences dominance of a vast range of ideas, research and critical thinking."   more »

Epoxy Company Sticks It to Coakley

8/10/07--Robert Bloom talks to the Boston Herald about the Big Dig investigation.   more »

Staggering Judgment Clear Warning to Law Enforcement

7/27/07--Robert Bloom talks to the Boston Herald about the landmark decision that found the FBI liable for the wrongful imprisonment of four men.   more »

New Principles for Company Law

6/05/07--Kent Greenfield's article on applied corporate governance appears in the Australian magazine Keeping Good Companies (PDF file).   more »

Greenfield Interviewed by @BC

6/19/07--The BC Law professor talks about his new book, The Failure of Corporate Law: Fundamental Flaws and Progressive Possibilities (University of Chicago Press, 2006).   more »

Controversy Over Informants' Roles in JFK Probe

6/10/07--Robert Bloom talks to Newsday about the use of informants in infiltrating and breaking down terror cells.   more »

Student Suspended Over YouTube Video

5/25/07--Mary-Rose Papandrea guest blogs on Citizen Media Law Project about First Amendment issues concerning student free speech rights in the electronic age.   more »

Paulson Committee Report is Muddled

5/14/07--Larry Cunningham writes a National Law Journal op-ed on The Committee on Capital Markets Regulation report, released in late 2006.   more »

Libel Suit Against the Boston Herald

5/10/07--Mary Rose Papandrea talks to NECN about Judge Murphy's suit against the local newspaper.   more »

Analysis of Abortion Ruling

4/19/07--Mary Rose Papandrea discusses the Supreme Court case on partial-birth abortion on NECN (video).   more »

Essays of Warren Buffet Reviewed

4/18/07--Professor Larry Cunningham's bestselling book is reviewed in Conde Nast's Portfolio magazine.   more »

Brain Damage and Economic Reasoning

4/10/07--Kent Greenfield writes about law and economics in the American Constitution Society blog.   more »

Will Bush Indict the NY Times?

3/19/07--Mary Rose Papandrea appears on The Digital Age to discuss the issue of the media exposing the government's classified information (Google video).   more »

Alfred Yen Offers 'Opinion'

3/06/07--The BC Law Professor will be a guest blogger at for the next several weeks.   more »

A Note About the Tumble

3/05/07--Kent Greenfield takes a turn as guest blogger on, and writes about the stock market decline and the state of our economy.   more »

FBI: No Role in Staging Neo-Nazi March

3/01/07--Robert Bloom talks to the Orlando Sentinel about the use of an FBI informant during last year's rally in Orlando.   more »

Rules of the Game: Courting Loopholes

2/26/07--George Brown is quoted in the National Journal regarding a federal court ruling that has made it harder to punish public officials who exchange favors for gifts, meals, trips and other goodies.   more »

Robert F. Drinan, S.J.

1/31/07--Sanford Katz is quoted in this editorial about Father Drinan in the Boston Globe.   more »

Patriots in Defense of the 'Enemy'

1/18/07--Daniel Coquillette discusses how lessons learned from the Boston Massacre can be applied to lawyers representing Guantanamo prisoners.  From the Boston Globe.   more »

Bilder: Why We Have Judicial Review

1/09/07--BC Law Professor Mary Bilder's essay on judicial review in the US, published in the Yale Pocket Part.   more »

Massachusetts to Sue Big Dig Companies

11/28/06--Mike Cassidy talks to the Worcester Telegram about the latest in the case surrounding the controversial project   more »

Kent Greenfield's New Book Reviewed

11/08/06--Prof. Joseph Singer (Harvard Law) raves about The Failure of Corporate Law: Fundamental Flaws and Progressive Possibilities.   more »