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2004 Archive

faculty in the news

Celebrity Trials
12/25/04--Bob Bloom and Buzzy Baron talk to The Boston Herald about how televised trials don't necessarily reflect what goes on day to day in courthouses. More...

New Power for Old Europe
12/14/04--David Wirth talks to The Nation about the European Union's transformation from a facilitator of trade to a sophisticated geopolitical power. More...

Solomon Struck Down
11/30/04--Kent Greenfield is quoted in the Boston Globe on the recent ruling. More...

US Loses Solomon Ruling
11/30/04--Kent Greenfield is quoted in the Washington Post on the ruling allowing universities to ban military recruiters from campus. More...

Jurors Irked by Clemency
11/22/04--Phyllis Goldfarb talks to the Las Vegas Review-Journal about a pardons board granting clemency for a killer given a no-parole life term. More...

The John Kerry I Knew
11/02/04--Thomas Carey's op-ed talks about his experiences teaching John Kerry at BC Law. More...

Maine AG Opens Probe of Brain Donations
10/22/04--George Brown talks to the Portland Press Herald about the investigation of a former state funeral inspector.

John Kerry's Long Rise to Power
10/13/04 --Thomas Carey talks to Knight Ridder newspapers about John Kerry's time at BC Law. More...

DiMasi to Review Law Practice
10/09/04 --George Brown talks to the Associated Press about potential conflict of interest issues for the new Massachusetts Speaker of the House. More...

Cracking Down on Scalpers
10/08/04--Freda Fishman talks to New England Cable News about ticket scalping as the Sox enter the playoff race (video). More...

The Presidential Debate
10/01/04-- Thoma Carey talks to the Patriot Ledger about his former student John Kerry's performance. More...

Bishop Charged with Rape
9/29/04-- Michael Cassidy talks to the Washington Post about the case against Bishop Thomas L. Dupre. More...

Is the SJC a Divided Court?
9/27/04-- Thomas Carey talks to Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly on whether there is a post-'Goodridge' rift.

Mediators Urge More Communication
9/25/04--Ericka Gray talks to the Boston Globe about the standoff between the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston and parishoners over planned church closings. More...

9/27/04--Frank Garcia's Editorial on Globalization and Social Justice

9/13/04--Lawrence Cunningham's Article on Need for Accounting Expertise in the Legal Profession Mentioned in Business Report

9/10/04--Joseph Steinfeld Talks to Boston Globe about Recent Controversy Over Charles Ogletree's New Book

9/09/04--Phyllis Goldfarb Talks to Economist about How Kobe Bryant Case May Change How Women Report Sexual Assault.

8/13/04--Gregory Kalscheur, SJ Discusses What it Means to be an American Catholic in Public Life in America Magazine

8/05/04--Robert Bloom Quoted in Star-Ledger on Pfizer's Unusual Move to Assist Prosecutors Challenging Claims that Zoloft is Factor in Violent Crime

7/30/04-- Thomas Carey Quoted in Washington Post Article on John Kerry's Discipline and Ambition

7/12/04-- Kent Greenfield Op-Ed Quoted in Boston Phoenix "Muzzle Award" to Donald Rumsfeld

6/28/04-- Larry Cunningham Opinion Piece in The Deal about Stiffer Penalties Against Corporate Wrongdoing

6/25/04-- Charles Baron, Sanford Katz and Alum Renee Landers Talk to Boston Phoenix about the 1913 Statute Barring Out of State Gay Couples from Marrying in Massachusetts

6/14/04--Paul Tremblay Talks to Mass Lawyers Weekly about Revealing Client Info to New Employers

6/04/04-- Larry Cunningham Talks to Business Week about the Demands of Accountability in the Business World

5/24/04--George Brown Talks to Philadelphia Inquirer about Political Corruption in City

5/20/04--Sanford Katz Talks to NBC News about First Gay Marriages

5/18/04--PBS NewsHour poses a series of questions to a panel of experts, including Thomas Kohler

5/18/04--Thomas Kohler talks with NPR on All Things Considered about the Gay Marriage Issue (audio file)

5/17/04--Scott FitzGibbon is quoted in this Boston Globe story on the Massachusetts gay marriage issue

5/13/04--Charles Baron talks to Boston Globe about Legal Challenges Surrounding Gay Marriage

5/11/04--Charles Baron and Sanford Katz quoted in Cape Cod Times on Lawsuit Attempting to Block Gay Marriage

5/04/04--Charles Baron quoted in Worcester Telegram and Gazette on Mayor Menino's Gay Rights Stand

5/03/04--Sanford Katz quoted in Christian Science Monitor on Child Custody Laws

4/28/04--Sanford Katz quoted in Globe about Massachusetts Marriage Eligibility Requirements

4/19/04--Ray Madoff quoted in Patriot Ledger on Wills

3/31/04--Charles "Buzzy" Baron and Sanford Katz quoted in USA Today

3/27/04--Sanford Katz on NPR Regarding the Gay Marriage Issue (Real Player needed)

3/24/04--Charles Baron quoted on Life Support Ruling in Boston Globe

3/11/04--Charles Baron quoted on Gay Marriage Issue in Christian Science Monitor

2/05/04--Michael Cassidy and Buzzy Baron quoted in NY Times article on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and the Gay Marriage Issue