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Catholic Faith and Cooperation in a Pluralistic Society

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What should individuals and institutions do when conscience clashes with the requirements of the law?  This question was  addressed on Thursday, October 11, by an interdisciplinary group of scholars who participated in a panel discussion at Boston College Law School entitled "Catholic Faith and Cooperation in a Pluralistic Society: Navigating Conflicts Between Conscience and the Requirements of the Law."

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Panelists from the event included: Edward A. Hartnett, Richard J. Hughes Professor for Constitutional and Public Law and Service, Seton Hall University School of Law; M. Cathleen Kaveny, John P. Murphy Professor of Law and Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame Law School; Rev. James F. Keenan, S.J., Professor of Theology, Boston College, and Very Rev. Russell E. Smith, Senior Director, Ethics, Catholic Health Association.