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Boston College Graduate School of Social Work
Leadership +

Andrea Cohen, MSW '84

Thinking Creatively about Senior Care

Andrea Cohen, MSW ’84, is dedicated to helping seniors age in place. As CEO of HouseWorks she has been a pioneer in private home care.  More about Thinking Creatively... »

Erin Gerber MSW ’09

'It's That Voice'

As a gender-based trainer/counselor in Thailand, Erin Gerber, MSW ’09, helped to empower refugees to find their voice.  More about 'It's That Voice' »

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Commitment +

Ashley Hammonds, MSW '11

Taking Pride in Her Culture

As a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, Ashley Hammonds, MSW '11, takes pride in her culture and in helping to create awareness about the lives of modern day Native Americans.  More about Taking Pride... »

Professor and Louise McMahon Ahearn Chair James Lubben

'I'm a Dreamer'

Professor and Louise McMahon Ahearn Chair James Lubben talks about his love of flowers and how cultivation and nurturing translates to his teaching and relationships with his students.  More about 'I'm a Dreamer' »

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Student Organizations

GSSW Student Collective

The GSSW Student Collective is the governing body for students at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work. The purpose of the Student Collective is to enhance the quality of student life through programs, activities, and open meetings. It promotes communication among students and serves as a liaison between students and administration. Within the Student Collective there are various groups and committees that focus on specific areas of interest. All committees are open for participation to all GSSW students during the entire year.

The Student Collective facilitates a variety of student events with other GSSW student organizations. It also maintains contact with other graduate students at Boston College through social and academic events and through involvement with the Graduate Student Association.

Visit the GSSW Student Collective Facebook page. (Visit the GSSW Facebook page for GSSW news and events.)

GSSW Student Collective Board Members
Executive Coordinator Holly Phipps
Community Action Coordinator Kate Federici
Social Events Coordinators Natalie Lambdin-Shirley and
Margaret Mason
Budget Secretary Reshma Kaparampil


GSSW Student Collective Committees & Interest Groups

Community Action Committee
Promotes student involvement in social justice activities and advocacy initiatives.
Student Leader Kate Federici
GSSW Liaison Dorothy Weitzman
Social Events Committee
Plans large events and smaller, more informal events that take place throughout the semester. Past events have included barbecues, holiday celebrations, and other activities promoting community.
Student Leaders Natalie Lambdin-Shirley and
Margaret Mason
Social Work and Spirituality
Provides a forum for students of various spiritual backgrounds to discuss and explore the intersection between their personal spiritual beliefs and practices and their professional practice as social workers.
Student Leaders Brooke Huminski and
Dara Kruman
GSSW Liaison Liz Cinquino
Student group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered students and their allies to educate and inform the larger social work community about diversity, homophobia, heterosexism, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
Student Leaders Jess Obayan and
David Weintraub
GSSW Liaison Kevin Mahoney
Three-Year Program Student Group
Student group that provides support to students who are in the three- and four-year programs of study.
Student Leader Chris Watt
GSSW Liaison Liz Cinquino
Umoja, a Swahili word meaning unity, provides support for students of Asian, Native American, African, and Latino ancestry and seeks to increase the community's awareness of issues related to people of color.
Student Leader Chiezda Mufunde
GSSW Liaison Margaret Lombe
Global Forum on Social Issues
The Global Forum on Social Issues is a student group aimed at creating a platform for students to engage on current global social issues and develop individual and/or collective action.
Student Leaders Chiezda Mufunde and
Jess Obayan
GSSW Liaison Margaret Lombe
DOC: Doctoral Outreach and Community
The DOC: Doctoral Outreach and Community group has the goal of enhancing the overall well-being of doctoral students at all stages in the academic program. The group seeks to build community among doctoral students by providing social and academic events.
Student Leader Drew Reynolds and
Aakanksha Sinha
GSSW Liaison Brenda Vitale


GSSW Executive Board

The purpose of the Executive Board is to encourage and stimulate excellence in the continuing development of the Graduate School of Social Work. The Board is the legislative body for the GSSW and has five student representatives. There will be two positions open for First Year students. Elections will be held in September.

GSSW Executive Board Student Representatives
Final Year Student Kieran Evans
Final Year Student Kevin McCarthy
Final Year Student Ellie Sophis
First Year Student Veselina Hristova
First Year Student Emily Pakstis