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Boston College Graduate School of Social Work

Julie Norstrand

Julie Norstrand

MS, Drexel University; MSW, Boston College

Research Interests

Social capital and health among older adults; global aging and health; civic engagement and employment among older adults

Organization Affiliations

Gerontological Association of America

Dissertation Topic

Mechanisms relating social capital and health among older adults

Awards or Fellowships

Hartford Geriatric Social Work pre-dissertation award


Lombe, M., Ochumbo, A.J., Norstrand, J.A. (2008). Attainment of Basic Needs as a Predictor of Civic Engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa: Some Implications. Journal of Comparative Social Welfare, 24(2), 103-117.

Shen, C., Smyer, M.A., Mahoney, K.J., Simon-Rusinowitz, L., Shinogle, J., Norstrand, J., Schauer, C., del Vecchio, P. (2008). Consumer direction, personal care, and well-being for Medicaid beneficiaries with mental health diagnoses: Lessons from the New Jersey Cash & Counseling Program. Psychiatric Services, 59(11), 1299-1307.