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Boston College Graduate School of Social Work
Where Transformation Happens
Vincent D. Rougeau

BC Law School Dean Vincent D. Rougeau writes about the legacy and ongoing challenges of the civil rights act in America magazine.

Group of people

New LLI program bolsters students' linguistic and cultural competencies to work with Latino communities.

New Certificates Program for Child Welfare, Latino Leadership, Policy and Community Organizing, Refugees, Immigrants, School of Social Work, Trauma, Veterans, Military FamiliesNew Certifcates Program Logo

Students can engage in concentrated study in subject-specific areas of social work practice and expertise.

David Takeuchi

Research Spotlight

Q & A with David Takeuchi, Associate Dean for Research

David Takeuchi discusses his recent arrival at Boston College, the blossoming role of research in the field of social work, and the critical need for enhanced interdisciplinary collaboration in the pursuit of better serving those who live at the margins of society.

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Signing the BC-Santander agreement to extend the International PhD Program

Program Spotlight

International PhD Program Support Renewed

Support for a program that builds global expertise in social welfare has been renewed, following an agreement with Santander Universities. Established in 2011, the program enables BC Social Work to form partnerships and exchanges with Jesuit, Catholic universities in Latin America, Spain, and elsewhere to advance and professionalize the field of social welfare.

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