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Carroll School of Management

Sophomore Accelerator

for students serious about getting a head start in their career


Sophomore year is the ideal time to go through a career program in order to identify some career fields, learn how to: write a resume, interview,  network, and figure out the internship search.  Junior year can sometimes be too late because either you may want to go abroad, or in some industries you have to start interviewing in the fall for summer internships.  Now as sophomores you have two different options to achieve this . 


E&Y Sophomore Accelerator

The on-campus option

Thanks to funding from E&Y we are once again offering this  8 week on-campus comprehensive Career Development module (not for credit). The Sophomore Accelerator (formerly known as E&Y Bootcamp)  is taken in a classroom setting with a set weekly meeting time. 

The topics and learning outcomes include: Resumes/cover letters/interviewing/conducting networking meetings/self assessment. 

Additionally it features employers/alumni, and  expert speakers on using social media and how to dress for success.

Classes next fall will meet every Wednesday from 3-5 PM beginning September 24th, and ending November 12.  Most classes will only meet for 90 minutes with a couple of exceptions when we have guests.

Next fall's class if full.  If anyone withdraws we will open it up.  Please email if you want to be on a waitlist.  We will offer it again in the spring.  Applications will open in November, look for this in This Week in CSOM.


Modern Guild

The on line version
Thanks to a unique arrangement with BC Carroll School and Modern Guild we are offering this  individual career preparation course at a reduced cost to any CSOM sophomores and free for our  students receiving moderate/signficant financial aid.    Modern Guild  works with your schedule as the deliverables are on line and your meetings are via Skpe. Immersion is designed so that you identify three career fields of interest and explore them deeply.

You will talk to industry experts in three fields.
You will participate in a mock interview.
You will receive individual guidance with your own career coach.

We have negotiated a reduced cost of $500 for this 10 week program (a $500 discount).  Additionally, full financial assistance is available through the Carroll School.  Simply indicate on the application for Modern Guild that you will be applying for financial aid and we will verify your eligibility.  The learning goals are similar to that of the on-campus sophomore accelerator class, there are some differences and some enhanced features of doing Modern Guild, the main one being the private career coach and the "industry expert" meetings. 

For the fall of 2014 the deadline is September 19th, any CSOM student who applies will be accepted.  The fall program will begin September 29, so you can finish the curriculum by Thanksgiving. 

CSOM freshmen and sophomores can also participate in the online Career Program Modern Guild over the summer. 

Over the summer the program is condensed to 5 weeks (but offers some flexibility if needed).  All CSOM freshmen received  a letter in the mail with their registration code that allows them to access the Modern Guild Resources available for free or to enroll in the immersion program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Modern Guild ?

How much does it cost?

What if I can't afford it?

Do I get credit?

How much time will the online portion through ModernGuild take?

When is the best time to do it?

Can I talk BC CSOM students who have completed Modern Guild?

Still have questions? 


The benefits of Modern Guild are significant:

  • You will talk to industry experts in all three fields.
  • You will participate in a  mock interview and interview training
  • You will receive individual guidance with your own career coach.

Performance outcomes/skills mastered include:

  • Strong Resume
  • Cover Letter/Thank You notes
  • Conducting effective informational Interviews/networking calls
  • Enhanced Interview skills
  • A polished "elevator pitch"
  • A clearly thought out and articulated value proposition
  • A clear action plan


Modern Guild is a valuable and intensive online program and is priced accordingly; professionals are involved and assigned to you during the entire process.  The Immersion phase is priced at $999; however we have negotiated to offer our students the immersion phase for $500 for the ten week session. We are happy to connect you with BC students who have done the program already if you need more information before commiting. 

We will cover the cost for any student who is unable to afford it and it receiving significant financial aid from BC (See below for details.)

What if I can't afford it? 

The Carroll School of Management will sponsor ModernGuild for any student who is receiving significant financial aid.  When you apply for Modern Guild just check off that you are intersted in receiving the $500 credit.  We will then verify your financial aid. 

Academic Credit:

This program has many benefits for you but academic credit is not one of them.


How much time does Modern Guild take?

Although the time commitment varies depending on the assignments for that week, you should expect an average of two hours per week during the ten week program; although some weeks when you may have multiple meetings you can expect more.    Over the summer it is condensed so the time committment per week will increase. 

When should I do the program?

The best time to do it is when you can commit the time to the program in order to get the most out of it.  You can particpate in Moder Guild over the summer before sophomore year, or during the spring or fall.  The Career Accelerator is offered in fall and spring.  Most students recommend completing the course prior to second semester of sophomore year if you plan to search for an internship the summer after sophomore year. 


BC Students who have completed Modern Guild:

These students are some of the BC students who have gone through either Exploration, Immersion, or Acceleration phase of Modern Guild. They are very happy to speak with you about the program and their experiences. Please note that the program we are offerig is the  Immersion phase which is most suitable for sophomores. The assesments that you will be doing ahead of starting will help you identify the 3 career fields you need to get started.


Still have questions? 

Contact Amy Donegan, at, or stop by to talk to her during her drop in hours, M-W, 1-3, or Thursday during Dean's coffee. 



Speakers participatng in the on-campus E&Y Sophomore Accelerator include:  (this is the on-campus version)

Develop your professional image for College and Beyond
Margaret Batting, President and Founder of Margaret Batting Image Communications

Using social media in your internship search
Lindsey Pollak, Ambassador for LinkedIn, Spokesperson for The Hartford and the author of Getting from College to Career



Margaret Batting
Margaret is president and founder of Margaret Batting Image Communications. She is a corporate image expert with over 15 years of Fortune 500 management experience specializing in professional image development and non-verbal communication.

Lindsey Pollak
Lindsey is a LinkedIn ambassador, a spokesperson for The Hartford and the author of Getting from College to Career. A corporate consultant, bestselling author, and keynote speaker, Lindsey provides actionable, cutting-edge career advice to help today‚Äôs students secure jobs and build careers in the 21st century workplace. Topics range from personal branding to job hunting to the professional use of social media.