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Carroll School of Management

Meet the Jenks Class

Class of 2014


Kayla Authelet, College of Arts & Sciences ‘16

Kayla is a pre-med student. In addition, she is focused on becoming fluent in Spanish and becoming more politically aware during her time at BC. Kayla is from Cumberland, RI. Her hobbies include playing tennis, swimming, running, drawing and reading. There is nothing she enjoys more than exploring Boston. Kayla is a Boston fan in every sense. She has done most of her community service in the Providence area and is searching for ways to do similar work in Boston.


Siobhan Burke, Carroll School of Management ‘16

Siobhan, from Waltham, MA, plans to concentrate in finance with a double major in history and a minor in chemistry. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, running, and baking. She is also a huge Red Sox and BC Eagles fan and loves attending the sporting events on campus! In addition to the Jenks Program, she is involved with the Student Organization Funding Committee. Siobhan is grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community and enhance her leadership skills, enabling her to be more effective in bringing about positive change.


Petty (Yi-Chen) Chen, Carroll School of Management '16

Petty is originally from Taoyuan, Taiwan and went to a small all-girls boarding school in Pittsfield, MA before coming to Boston College. She is concentrating in economics and finance with a minor in music. A product of 13 years of all-girls education, she is passionate about women empowerment and equality in the world.  In the future, she hopes pursue a career that combines her passion in leadership, music, and service. She is also very excited to start her first semester in the Jenks Leadership Program.


Andrea Conroy, College of Arts & Sciences '14

Andrea is a psychology major with a minor in film studies. She is a Boston, MA native where she enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, and watching movies. In addition to Jenks, Andrea is also a Jumpstart core member and a proud employee of the Educational Resource Center at Boston College. After graduation, Andrea is planning a two month backpacking trip through Europe before pursuing a career in social/non-profit work or counseling. She is honored to apart of the Jenks program and is excited to begin her involvement.


Vincent Dell'Osa, Carroll School of Management '14

Vincent is from Yardley, PA. He is concentrating in finance and management and leadership. Vincent loves sports, especially basketball and tennis. He is a big fan of the Philadelphia Sixers and Phillies sports teams. Vincent also enjoys going to the beach, listening to music, and spending time with his family and friends. He is excited to meet new people and take part in service as a member of the Jenks Leadership Program. 


Abby Diamond, Lynch School of Education '15

Abby is majoring in secondary education and English. She is originally from Akron, OH, and enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading as much as she can, and traveling the world. At Boston College, Abby is a member of the ultimate frisbee team. She is very passionate about service and being a “woman for others” and is excited for the opportunity to be a part of the Jenks Leadership Program.


Molly Erdle, Carroll School of Management '16

Molly is enrolled in the Carroll School of Management where she hopes to study either finance or accounting. She is currently on the Varsity Women's Lacrosse team here at Boston College, and is also involved in peer ministry and volunteering around the school. Having grown up in Denver, CO, Molly is enjoying immersing herself into the lively culture of the east coast. She is very excited to make strong connections with Jenks alumni, current program members, and the community, through the Jenks Leadership Program.


Chris Foley, Carroll School of Management '16

Chris is one of six children from Fairfield, CT. He is currently interested in a concentration in finance and accounting with a potential minor in computer science. He is an avid sports fan and was hoping to play football in college, possibly walking-on his sophomore year. One day he wants to work in the financial service industry. He is looking forward to Jenks and the next few years at Boston College.   


Taylor Garrison, Carroll School of Management '16

Taylor, originally from Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY, is pursing a concentration in finance and accounting with a minor in history. After attending Emma Willard, an all girl’s boarding school, Taylor has a passion for advocating for girl’s education and plans to continue to volunteer in this area. Taylor’s interests also include ballet, violin, and publishing. She is excited to begin her involvement with the Jenks Leadership Program!


Andrew Ireland, College of Arts & Sciences '14

Andrew is majoring in biology and minoring in international studies. He is from Bethesda, MD, and hopes to go into a career in environmental science and policy. His interests include reading, skiing, tennis, and music, and is also dedicated to community service, having earned his Eagle Scout Award and also participated in the Emerging Leader Program freshman year. He is excited to be a part of the Jenks program, and eager to get started with the new semester.


Catherine Kernan, Carroll School of Management '16

Originally from Orono, MN, Catherine plans to concentrate in accounting, and hopes to pursue a second concentration within the Carroll School as well as a minor in international studies. She is a devoted hockey fan, and her favorite teams are the Minnesota Wild, the Chicago Blackhawks, and, of course, the BC Eagles. In her free time, Catherine loves to play hockey and lacrosse, go to her family cabin in Iron River, Wisconsin, and spend time with her friends, parents, and five older siblings. Catherine is very excited to be involved in the Jenks Leadership Program, and looks forward to becoming more involved in service leadership.


Vinern Leow, Carroll School of Management '16

Vinern hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After finishing primary school there, he traveled to Melbourne, Australia to pursue his secondary education. Vinern’s search for a world class education has brought him to Boston College and he intends to concentrate in finance and economics. In addition to the Jenks Leadership Program, Vinern is a member of the Student Admissions Program, Investment Club, Multicultural Leadership Experience Program as well as the Golf Club. He enjoys watching movies, playing the saxophone, fishing and spending time with his family and friends.   


Teddy Lyons, Carroll School of Management '16

Teddy is from Huntington, NY, and is double concentrating in finance and management & leadership. He loves to meet new people and values interesting conversation. He is hopeful to pursue a career in banking, where he can utilize his leadership skills. Teddy loves to be around people and spend time with family and friends, as well as play sports and be involved around campus. He is eagerly waiting for Jenks to begin, hoping to make new friends and better develop his leadership skills.


Darry Ma, College of Arts & Sciences '14

Darry is from Boston, MA and recently moved to Newton Highlands. She is majoring in biology with a pre-med concentration. Darry is currently an RA and loves her residents, staff and College Road! This past summer, she had the opportunity to volunteer in a neurology lab of Brigham and Women's hospital to research Parkinson's disease. She also loves to work with kids and is considering to apply for Teach For America after graduation. Darry is excited to begin her involvement in Jenks Leadership Program. 


Rohan Rau, College of Arts & Sciences '16

Rohan is majoring in biology with a pre-medical concentration. He plans to attend medical school in order to become a gastroenterologist and follow in his father’s footsteps. He is an avid tennis player and enjoys spending quality time with friends and family. Rohan pursues a myriad of interests that include from playing the saxophone, woodworking, hiking and volunteering abroad.


Eddie Richardson, College of Arts & Sciences '16

Eddie, a member of the pre-med and honors programs in the College of Arts & Sciences, is an aspiring surgeon with plans to major in biology. Born and raised in Wellesley, MA, Eddie is a graduate of Milton Academy, in Milton, MA. He is currently involved with BC’s developing chapter of the College Diabetes Network and hopes to be involved next year with a service trip and the 4Boston Volunteer Program. Outside of the classroom and service work, he plays for the men’s lacrosse team along with a few intramural football and hockey squads; above all hobbies, he loves to surf. He looks forward to starting up with Jenks in the spring semester.


Jose Angel Rodriguez, Carroll School of Management ‘14

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Jose is currently pursuing a triple concentration in finance, economics, and information systems. He hopes to work in the financial sector once he graduates. Jose loves to travel and immerse himself in new cultures, experiencing life as a local. In addition, Jose enjoys hanging out with friends, playing golf, and watching movies. He is really excited to be part of the Jenks Leadership Program and eagerly awaits the experiences it will bring.


Nicole Sandonato, Lynch School of Education ‘14

Nicole was born and raised in Saugus, MA. She is a double major and pursuing her degree in applied psychology and human development and communication. She loves to be involved in the Boston College community and enjoys her time volunteering, planning on-campus events and cheering for the Eagles. She feels so very blessed to be a student at Boston College and now a part of the Jenks Leadership Program. She looks forward to the program and getting a chance to help others.


Mike Stanley, Carroll School of Management ‘15

Originally from Niskayuna, NY, Mike Stanley is excited to be a part of the Jenk's team. At Boston College, Mike spends his time giving tours with the Student Admissions Program, organizing volunteering opportunities through CSOM honors, and reading and playing the sax and trumpet. Mike is planning on concentrating in finance with a minor in mathematics but could honestly end up majoring in anything.


Paul Tesoriero, College of Arts & Sciences ‘15

From Long Island, NY, Paul is a biology major and history minor. He plans to attend medical school, after which he aspires to become an orthopedic surgeon. Paul has an older sister and two younger brothers. In his free time he enjoys playing on the Boston College Lacrosse team, reading and going for runs around Brighton. At Boston College, he is also a member of the Mendel Society, and a volunteer for the American Red Cross Association.


Matthew Westhoff, College of Arts & Sciences ‘15

Pursuing a double major in psychology and political science, Matt is interested in the concept of rights, conflicting ideologies, and analyzing people in an attempt to explain the choices we make. Originally from Western Springs, IL, Matt has many interests outside of being holed up on the fourth floor of O’Neill, including reading Vince Flynn or Tom Clancy novels, running down at the Reservoir, or hanging out with friends and family. While he has no set career path, Matt plans on attending law school. He is open to conversation on any topic and finds fascinating people everywhere he goes. Matt is excited to become a better leader through the Jenks Program.


Nick Wisniewski, Carroll School of Management ‘15

Nick Wisniewski, originally born in Paris, France, grew up in Chicago, IL. At Maine South High School, he was a track and field captain and All-State pole-vaulter, finishing second at the state meet his senior year. At Boston College, he is in the Carroll School of Management pursuing concentrations in finance and information systems. While unsure exactly what type of career he would like to pursue, Nick is open and optimistic towards new opportunities and his outgoing personality will only foster these ambitions. In his free time, He enjoys traveling, playing just about any sport, and video editing.

Class of 2013


Malia Allen, College of Arts & Sciences '15

Malia studies sociology and is enrolled in the A&S Honors Program. She is interested in studying conflict in the Middle East, as well as American politics and women’s rights. From California’s Silicon Valley, Malia enjoys playing basketball, reading, and baking. She’s a huge Harry Potter fan. Malia loves spending time with her friends and family, and plans to one day go to either law school or culinary school. In addition to the Jenks Leadership Program, Malia is involved with several groups on campus, including the Best Buddies Club and the Boston College Dramatics Society.


Charles Rechtiene, Carroll School of Management '13

From Saint Louis, MO, Charles plans on concentrating in finance and information systems. He enjoys playing lacrosse, fishing, reading, spending time with his two younger siblings, and doing community service. He is also a Cardinals baseball fan. Charles hopes to work in the finance industry where he can put his past experiences in financial services to use.


Christopher Galluzzo, College of Arts & Sciences '15

Christopher is tentatively planning to major in physics with a minor in math. He has lived in Northfield, MA his whole life, where he enjoys playing golf and hockey with friends. He is excited to be a part of the Jenks Leadership Program because it will allow him to meet new people, to work collaboratively, and to serve the community.


Andrew Slade, College of Arts & Sciences '13

Andrew studies political science. A native of Abington, PA, he has long held an affinity for service, embodying that interest in his work towards becoming an Eagle Scout and his continuing civic engagement as a Congressional intern and national director of the College Democrats of America. In his free time, Andrew enjoys skiing, Trivial Pursuit, eating out and watching The West Wing and Boston Legal.


Nicolletta Payne, College of Arts & Sciences '13

Nicolletta is majoring in Islamic civilization and societies and minoring in international studies. Originally from New York, she has had a passion to study the Arabic language and the Middle East since 9/11. She is involved in Al Noor and MEISSA on campus and also interns at Senator Brown’s office. She is considering law school upon graduating BC and would like to pursue a career which involves foreign policy.


Kristin Rayburn, Lynch School of Education '15

Kristin is triple majoring in secondary education, communications, and English. She comes from a small town right outside of Pittsburgh, PA where she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, volunteering at animal shelters, and working in a restaurant. Kristin plans on continuing her volunteering and community involvement throughout her college years and future career.


Christian von Gizycki, College of Arts & Sciences '14

Majoring in biology, Christian is an aspiring doctor, and does neuroscience research outside of academics. He loves laughing and never misses a moment to squeeze in a joke. He has a variety of interests including chess, scuba diving, and writing. When he’s not out playing basketball or soccer, Christian can be found immersed in anything from history to astronomy.


Alexandra Robbins, College of Arts & Sciences '15

Alexandra is from Tipp City, OH. She intends to major in economics and communications and possibly to minor in French. Alexandra is unsure of her career path but is considering law school. Her interests include traveling, playing tennis, and volunteering. She loves big cities and exploring new places, which makes Boston the ideal place to complete her undergraduate studies. Additionally, Alexandra is very involved with Relay for Life at Boston College, taking on the role as co-chair of the Colleges Against Cancer chapter.


Silvia Turk, College of Arts & Sciences '14

Silvia majors in sociology and psychology. She was born in Bogota, Colombia and lived in Bethesda, MD, for ten years before coming to Boston College. Silvia has a passion for volunteering and hopes to one day make it part of her career. This spring, Silvia plans to run the Boston Marathon to support the Campus School and is excited to be a part of the Jenks Leadership Program.


Alexandra Christenson, Carroll School of Management '14

Originally from Lake Oswego, OR, Alex is concentrating in finance and economics with an anticipated minor in philosophy. Passionate about policy, markets and finance, she hopes to pursue a career in law or financial services after graduation. An avid BC sports fan and volunteer, Alex is looking forward to running the Boston Marathon with the Campus School this spring. She is blessed to be a part of the Jenks Program and is eager to begin her involvement.


Duncan Walker, Carroll School of Management '13

Duncan is triple majoring in management & leadership, finance and economics. He comes from a small village in the South of the UK, population 398, and loves nothing more than hanging out with his friends on the farms. Duncan attended Durham University, UK, where he was a student athlete, before transferring to Boston College in 2010 for the "American college experience." Duncan plays the drums in the Boston College pep band and loves to spread a little bit of Eagle pride!


Sean Hyatt, College of Arts & Sciences '14

Sean is from Bethesda, MD. He is pursuing a major in psychology and is concentrating in marketing. He loves good conversation and being with people in general. Sean also enjoys music, sports, movies, and spending time with his family and friends. While currently undecided with his career, he would love to find an opportunity to merge his interests in psychology and marketing.


Allison Reid, College of Arts & Sciences '14

Allie is majoring in biochemistry with a pre-medical concentration. She plans to apply to medical school in the near future. She loves playing tennis and attending Philadelphia Phillies’s baseball games during the summer. She is excited to begin her first semester in the Jenks Leadership Program.


Jinal Gandhi, College of Arts & Sciences '15

Jinal, from Poughkeepsie, NY, plans to major in chemistry and minor in economics with a pre-med concentration. The oldest of six younger cousins, she loves to play with children and can always be seen laughing. She is extremely interested in global health policy and plans to pursue a career developing a framework for sustainable health care infrastructure in developing countries. 


Steven Berger, Carroll School of Management '13

Steven is originally from Scotch Plains, NJ. He is concentrating in finance and also pursuing minors in history and Jewish studies. Steven has been involved with Habitat for Humanity through Boston College’s Appalachia Volunteers for two years, including co-leading a trip to Pittsburgh, PA, over spring break in 2011. He is also a huge sports fan, and although unpopular in the Boston area, he remains an avid New York Yankees fan.


Katherine Carnesi, Woods School of Advancing Studies '13

Katie is majoring in political science and business. She was born and raised in Garden City, NY, and loves having the city and beach nearby. Her interests include field hockey, golf, volunteer work and fashion. Katie always has a smile on her face and loves to make people laugh. She has an optimistic attitude and believes you can achieve anything through hard work and determination. Katie is excited to be a part of the Jenks Leadership Program and cannot wait for the experiences to come.


Ted Raddell, College of Arts & Sciences '15

Ted is a biochemistry major in the pre-med program. He is from Wickliffe, OH, and cheers on the Indians, Browns, and Cavs. Ted has always been dedicated to serving others and currently volunteers at Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Brighton. He loves to stay active by running, playing intramural football, and pickup soccer. Enthusiastic and a hard worker, Ted enjoys meeting new people and has a great sense of humor.


Caela McCann, College of Arts & Sciences '15

Caela is from Westport, CT. While her major is currently undecided, Caela hopes to minor in Latin American studies and to be fluent in Spanish. She is wildly adventurous and is planning an open-ended trip to Argentina for this summer. In addition, Caela is a lover of television re-runs, a book enthusiast, and an avid golfer. She is very interested in service and works to incorporate volunteer work into both her education and everyday life.


Matthew Foley, Carroll School of Management '13

Matthew studies finance and mathematics. He is originally from Fairfield, CT, and enjoys skiing, running, and traveling. Matthew plans on working in the financial services industry after graduation, but eventually he would like to teach. This past summer he traveled to France, Germany, and Switzerland and at some point he hopes to live and work abroad.


Cameron Ferguson, Carroll School of Management '15

Cameron is considering studying economics, finance, and/or information systems concentrations. From Perrysburg, OH, Cameron considers himself a very driven and passionate person and, besides lifeguarding in the summer, enjoys volunteering, water sports, lifting, and entrepreneurship endeavors. Cameron is also a part of the Shaw Leadership Program, Compass Fellowship Program, and Appalachia Volunteers on campus.


Rory O'Hanlon, College of Arts & Sciences '13

Rory is from Dedham, MA. He is majoring in political science and minoring in history. In addition to Jenks, Rory is also a member of the 4Boston Volunteer Program, Undergraduate Government of Boston College, the Quality of Student Life Committee, Investment Club, and plays on the rugby team here at BC. He also actively participates in many of the intramural sports offered at Boston College. Rory is very grateful of his tremendous family and friends. He hopes to pursue a career in law. He is honored to be a part of the Jenks Leadership Program.


Shauna Niemeier, College of Arts & Sciences '13

Shauna is originally from Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ. She majors in biology, is enrolled in the pre-vet program, and minors in the Lynch School of Education. In the summer of 2010 she studied abroad in Bordeaux, France. She has been involved with the Student Admissions Program and is currently a member of Eagle Ops, a sports marketing and game day operations program at BC. She is passionate about following her interests and values the insight she has gained from traveling to new places, meeting and talking to new people. She enjoys snorkeling, SCUBA and fishing. Above all, Shauna considers herself an avid SuperFan here at BC!


Zachary He, College of Arts & Sciences '15

Zachary studies chemistry and philosophy. Born and raised in Portland, OR, he enjoys spending his time watching and playing basketball and football. Outside of the classroom, Zach participates in JLP, Peer Health Exchange and 4Boston. He enjoys volunteering and looks forward for the opportunity Jenks gives to him. 


Karina Dorantes, College of Arts & Sciences '13

Karina is a native Spanish speaker and a very spiritual person. Beginning as biology major, she has conducted research in labs like the Cleveland Clinic and Cornell University, on anything from cardiology to chili peppers. At Boston College, she works as job coach for developmentally disabled individuals through the BC Supported Employment Program. She also interns at the Center for Human Rights and International Justice. As an Eagle Ambassador, Karina creates the impetus for students to work together to improve the quality of life in the off-campus community. Now, Karina is pursuing a double major in human development and perspectives on Spanish America with a minor in organizational studies; she is interested in entrepreneurship.