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Carroll School of Management


Day of Service at the West End House

By Alyssa Trinidad, MSA ‘14

For the third consecutive year, Carroll School of Management graduate students volunteered at the West End House (WEH) Boys and Girls Club for the annual Spring Day of Service.

Masters in Business Series featuring Frank Carpenito

By Andrea Martin, JD/MBA '14

The second installment of the 2YC Masters in Business series is based on our meeting with Dancing Deer CEO, Frank Carpenito. It was interesting to hear his Lessons in Leadership and add them to those we learned at Eastern Bank.

MSA Alumni Earn Top Honors for Performance on CPA Exams

Mark Stankevitz and Eben Hutchison completed their MSA degrees together at Boston College in 2012, and both currently work for Grant Thornton, LLP. Mark and Eben were awarded first and second honors for earning the top two scores on the Massachusetts CPA exam in 2012.

Carroll-Forged Friendship Helps Two CEOs, Investment Banker

By Timothy Gray

Having been away from school for nearly a decade, Norm Chambers knew he needed help. Since undergrad, little he’d done resembled studying—he’d been a diver in the construction industry, welding together oil-drilling platforms. Now, he was out of the ocean and back at the books in the Carroll School’s MBA program.

Siobhan Skizim, MBA '14

After graduating from college with a degree in foreign affairs, Siobhan Skizim went to work in the not-for-profit sector, doing everything from public policy work to event coordination to marketing and public relations.

An interview with Marilyn Eckelman, Director of Graduate Management Career Services

The final numbers for the Class of 2013 full-time MBA placements resulted in 89% of our full-time MBA graduates receiving job placements within three months of graduation and 99% of the Class of 2013 being placed in summer internships.

Masters in Business series featuring Richard Holbrook

By Siobhan Skizim, MBA '14

As part of the kick-off of the BC MBA Consulting Project, the Second Year Consultants (or 2YCs) launched our Masters in Business series, meeting with Eastern Bank CEO, Richard Holbrook, in the bank’s headquarters in downtown Boston, to hear his Lessons in Leadership

Lessons in Leadership: Reflections on Management Practice II and the BC MBA Experience

By Bill Duffey, MBA '14

I recently had dinner with two friends from high school who are also pursuing graduate degrees. With one in law school and the other in medical school, I couldn’t help but compare their career pursuits to my own.

Daniel Jones, MSF '13

After earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Daniel Jones went to work as an auditor. “It was a good learning experience,” he says. “But then I started thinking about how to invest my money, and I realized I was more interested in investments and finance than in auditing.”

Up Close with Warren Buffett

By Scott McDermott, Lecturer
Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

On April 12, 2013, 20 Carroll School MBA students joined management students from five other universities in Omaha, NE, for an intimate Q&A session and lunch with a man widely considered the most successful investor of the last century.

Annual CSOM Consulting Competition

By William Bole

A medical device company hopes to maintain both the market share and premium price of its highly rated instrument used for endoscopies, amid widespread pressure to lower hospital costs.

Meet Andrew and Micah, Class of 2013

June 2013

The national economy might still look shaky, but MBA graduates of the Carroll School are doing just fine in the job market.

Meet Nicolás and Todd, Class of 2013

May 16, 2013

Nicolás Bence came to the Carroll School’s MBA program from Argentina after five years in marketing and sales at ExxonMobil and a brief experience in consulting. Todd Labbe grew up in Connecticut and worked in mergers and acquisitions for EMC Corporation, an IT company, before returning to Boston College, his alma mater, for a dual MBA/MSF degree.

Meet Drew Hannah, mentor to BC MBAs

March 19, 2013

By Timothy Gray

If you’re trying to run a startup company, Drew Hannah suggests that you follow the Rolling Stones.

Not the music—though he’s a fan—but the way the members interact. Over the years, each Stone has carved out his role and let his bandmates do theirs.

Boston Investment Conference

By Luke Ferriter, MBA '13

I was fortunate enough to attend the first annual Boston Investment Conference in 2012. This event was organized to raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital, and all proceeds from ticket sales went to the hospital.

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