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Carroll School of Management


The MSA Program at Boston College offers a flexible curriculum that is tailored to the academic background of each student. Students with an undergraduate major in accounting, for example, follow a different curriculum than students who did not major in accounting at the undergraduate level.

Each student receives a personalized MSA course worksheet upon entering the program. Based on the student’s undergraduate transcript, the worksheet lists the specific courses the student must take to fulfill the MSA degree.

All MSA students must complete a minimum of ten courses (30 credit hours) and at least six accounting classes, including the three core MSA classes. Students who have yet to take an undergraduate level Financial Accounting course (or the equivalent thereof) must enroll in a 1-credit prerequisite Accounting Primer Workshop offered at the start of their course of study. In addition, all MSA students must complete at least 10 hours of service to others through meaningful work as volunteers.