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Carroll School of Management

Community Service Guidelines

The Carroll School has made a commitment to instill a strong sense of community service in its Graduate students. In an effort to align this commitment with the Program, all students must fulfill a requirement of service to others through meaningful work as volunteers.
MBA students are required to complete 20 hours of service. MSF and MSA students are required to complete 10 hours of service.


  1. Promote the personal, social, and civic development of our students.
  2. Provide students with experience working with community-based organizations and individuals.
  3. Continue to foster real-time experiential learning through this opportunity to leverage individual skills and expertise in a service capacity.
  4. Further the Boston College Jesuit tradition of service.


  1. Community service must be completed during the time frame between enrollment in the program and graduation.
  2. MBA students must complete 20 hours of community service.
  3. MSF and MSA students must complete 10 hours of community service.
  4. We encourage students to combine longstanding personal interests and personal skills with their service requirements.
  5. Service may be done individually or with a group.
  6. Service must meet the needs of more than your immediate family, your employer, or the University.
  7. The student can receive no monetary compensation or academic credit for the service.
  8. The service offers the student the potential to give and grow.
  9. Internships and political campaigns are not considered community service.

We hope that these guidelines serve to facilitate students' personal community service initiatives, and encourage any student to contact Gerald Power with any questions or concerns.