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Carroll School of Management


operations management concentration requirements

Operations Management is a broad and multi-dimensional business area. Highly integrative, the discipline determines how an organization executes on its mission and goals. Operations Management is both an art and a science, tying together quantitative analytical skills with cognitive problem solving.

The four-course concentration in Operations Management provides students with knowledge of current issues in the Operations Management discipline. Intense competition in fast-paced global environments makes competencies in this field critical in both service and good-producing organizations. This widely-applicable concentration combines business analytics, process design and analysis methods, project management, and operations management issues. The curriculum recognizes environmental, ethical, and social issues. The pedagogy entails lectures and discussions, case studies, field studies, and analytical modeling.

Building upon the Carroll School of Management core, the Operations Management concentration particularly complements core coursework in statistics, economics, and operations management. Concentration courses emphasize analysis and decision making and are explicitly designed to deliver the skills and knowledge required to be a successful managers of people, processes, and systems in today's competitive environment.

The concentration is designed to intersect with other functional disciplines making Operations Management an excellent complement to other concentrations including Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Information Systems, or Human Resource Management.

The following two courses are required:
MD 375 Operations, Strategy, & Consulting (fall)
MD 255 Managing Projects (spring)

also take two of the following:
MD 254 Service Operations Management (spring)
MD 304 Quality (TBD)
MD 332 Supply Chain Management (TBD)
MD 384 Predictive Analytics (spring)
MD 604 Management Science (spring)
MD 605 Risk Analysis and Simulation (fall)
MD 606 Forecasting Techniques (fall & spring)
MD 610 Sports Analytics (fall)

Students are strongly encouraged to take additional courses from the above. 

General Management Concentration
Students choosing operations management as one of their two areas should take MD 375 Operations Strategy & Consulting and a second course from the above list.


Study Abroad

Although there are no particular prerequisites needed to qualify for study abroad, the usual course prerequisites still apply. There is no limit to how many courses taken abroad will be allowed for major credit. If the courses are judged equivalent and if the proposed courses constitute a reasonable selection, major or elective credit will be given.

All students wishing to study abroad must first meet with Richard Keeley, Associate Dean, and then Sam Graves, Department Chairman, for course approvals. Course approvals should be sought in person, with all supporting documentation (course description, detailed syllabus, etc.) in hand. All approvals should be obtained prior to going abroad.