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Carroll School of Management


The objectives of the undergraduate concentration are to develop managers who can:

  • Understand how to analyze the linkages between information technology (IT), innovation, business strategy, and competitive advantage
  • Possess the technical skills (related to programming and databases) and managerial concepts needed to effectively plan, develop, and implement IT
  • Understand how to promote more effective use of IT in organizations, taking into how IT aligns with an organization's strategic focus, culture, business processes, etc.
  • Appreciate the broader ethical and societal implications of the burgeoning application of information technologies
Required Courses


  • MI 157 Introduction to Programming for Management (or CS 101)
  • MI 257 Database Systems and Applications
  • MI 258 Systems Analysis and Design
  • One additional MI course level 100 or above


Electives include:


  1. MI 161  Customer Relationship Management
  2. MI 205  Undergrad TechTrek
  3. MI 253  E-Commerce
  4. MI 255  Managing Projects
  5. MI 266  Technology and Society
  6. MI 267  Technology and Culture
  7. MI 330  Business Creation
  8. MI 340  Introduction to Analytics and Business Intelligence
  9. MI 618  Accounting Information Systems 
  10. MI 620  Marketing Analytics
  11. MI 621  Social Media and Web 2.0
  12. MI 635  New Media Industries
  13. MI 641  Info Systems, Security Management & Forensics



 A brochure detailing the Information Systems Undergraduate concentration is available for download