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Theology Department

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The Theology Department provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for reasoned reflection on their own values, faith, and tradition, as well as on the religious forces that shape our society and world. The department’s five primary areas of research include biblical studies, historical theology/history of christianity, comparative theology, systematic theology, and theological ethics.



On April 5th, Professor Emeritus Robert J. Daly, S.J., will speak at the 2014 Rev. Robert J. Randall Conference on Christian Culture at Providence College. The lecture theme is "The Living Sacrifice of the Body of Christ."

Gathering for majors and minors

On April 7th, from noon until 1:30 p.m., Theology Majors and Minors (both current and prospective) are invited to a gathering to meet faculty, teaching fellows, graduate students, and one another. Registration required (email Gloria Rufo).

Stotzky Prize Announcement

The Boston College theology department invites undergraduates only to submit an essay to compete for the Stotzky Prize on "The Holocaust and Interreligious Understanding." Submissions are due by April 2015 (one year from now). View details regarding essay submission.


Revelation in the Context of Interfaith Dialogue

Monday, April 7, 2014, 5 p.m.
Chestnut Hill Campus, Corcoran Commons, Heights Room
Sponsors: C21, STM, and BC Theology Dept

Brien O'Brien and Mary Hasten Lecture presented by Rowan Williams, Emeritus Archbishop of Canterbury, Professor of Theology, Cambridge University. Event details


One Year of the Francis Papacy

Richard Gaillardetz

Prof. Richard Gaillardetz discusses the events of the past year as well as what lies ahead for Pope Francis. Read articles at Reuters and Buenos Aires Herald. Watch the video at Fox News Boston.

Religious Liberty

David Hollenbach, S.J.

David Hollenbach, S.J., is one of the featured experts in this video by the Catholic News Service detailing the history of religious liberty and Catholicism. Watch the video

faculty opening

Student Profile

Matthew Richey

Matthew Richey A&S '12 has been awarded a Fulbright grant to study toward a master’s degree at Tel Aviv University in Archaeology and the History of the Land of the Bible. His seminar paper, “The Use of Greek at Qumran,” is slated for publication in the flagship journal Dead Sea Discoveries.

More Student Profiles

Ph.D. Profile

Kevin Ahern

Kevin Ahern, Ph.D. '13 defended his dissertation and has accepted a position as an assistant professor in Catholic social ethics at Manhattan College. He is the editor of Visions of Hope: Emerging Theologians and the Future of the Church (Orbis, 2013).

Ph.D. topics and placement

In Print

Women and Interreligious Dialogue

Women and Interreligious Dialogue
edited by Catherine Cornille, Jillian Maxey, Wipf & Stock, 2013