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theatre department - college of arts and sciences

CT 448 Composition and Performance Workshop (Spring: 3)
Prerequisites: Instructor’s permission
Corequistie: CT 449
Scott T. Cummings
The goal of this experimental workshop course is to stimulate creativity, promote collaboration, practice alternative models of theatre-making, and generate new work as an ensemble. Participants will work in teams across traditional theatre disciplines in conceiving, researching, scripting, designing, staging, and performing original material. The workshop is intended for advanced theatre majors who want to create theatre from scratch and are prepared to make a significant time commitment to working with their peers to do that. Students in CPW must also enroll in the corequisitite one-credit course: Composition and Performance Workshop Lab (CT 449). More information is available from Scott T. Cummings.


CT 450 Teaching Assistantship (Fall/Spring: 2)
This lab class may not be used toward the six lab credits required to major in Theatre.
Prerequisites: Senior standing, 12 credit hours in Theatre and permission of the instructor. This course is limited to senior Theatre majors who have already taken the course for which they wish to serve as an assistant.

This two-credit laboratory course is intended to provide undergraduate theatre majors with teaching experience. Students assist a professor in planning and implementing various aspects of a course.


CT 550 Honors Project in Theatre (Fall/Spring: 3)
Prerequisite: Permission of sponsoring instructor
Stuart J. Hecht
A year-long project open only to senior theatre majors. An advanced independent study in the area of readings and research, though it may include a performance or production aspect. This will result in a written thesis at year's end.


CT 598 Readings and Research in Theatre (Fall/Spring: 3)
Prerequisites: Senior standing and 12 credit hours in theatre, and permission of instructor required.

Students are not encouraged to employ this course for anything but a very specific research program, which must be approved in advance by a Theatre faculty member.