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Directing Courses

theatre department - college of arts and sciences

CT 430 Directing I (Fall: 3)
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Stuart J. Hecht
A course in the fundamentals of script analysis, staging and interpretation. Students learn through both lecture and practical application of the basic skills that constitute the stage director's craft. Previous acting or other stage experience, along with background in dramatic literature, is strongly recommended.


CT 431 Directing II (Spring: 3)
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Stuart J. Hecht
This course is built upon the foundations of skills and knowledge developed in Directing I. The students will further refine skills acquired in the first course and will also gain an understanding of the theoretical aspects of the director's craft.


CT 432 Directing Lab I (Fall: 3)
Corequisite: CT 430, To be taken in conjunction with Directing I
Stuart J. Hecht
This course provides students enrolled in Directing I with a setting to test out ideas and develop directorial skills through concentrated scene work.


CT 433 Directing Lab II (Spring: 3)
Corequisite: CT 431, To be taken in conjunction with Directing II
Stuart J. Hecht
This course is a continuation of CT 432 and functions in much the same way though now in relation to the material covered in Directing II.


CT 530 Theatre Practicum in Directing (Fall/Spring: 3)
Prerequisite: Permission of sponsoring instructor.
Stuart J. Hecht
Only those students who have successfully completed both directing classes may be considered to direct a Workskhop production. This is a Senior project in which a limited number of students direct a Departmental Workshop production, contingent upon the acceptance of a written proposal submitted to the faculty. An independent study for those students interested in advanced study in directing, done under close faculty supervision.