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theatre department - college of arts and sciences

A complete list of course offerings for the current semester can be found on the Office of Student Services website.

The Theatre Department curriculum falls into two broad categories: 1) practice-based courses that develop Performance and Production skills; and 2) academic courses that study Dramatic Literature, Criticism, and Theater History. Six foundation courses—three in each category—are required. Most courses are offered once a year or every other year. Many courses have prerequisites.

The list below includes current and recent courses arranged by category. A course that is linked is one of the six required foundation courses. A course marked with two asterisks counts towards the Performance and Production requirement (two courses required). All Lit/Crit courses other than DSTP, Theater History I and II count towards the Dramatic Literature, Criticism, and Theater History requirement (two courses required).

Shakespeare on the Stage I*/II*
American Musical Theater*
Experimental Theater I*/II**
American Popular Entertainment*
African American Theatre and Drama
Contemporary American Theater & Drama*
Bertolt Brecht: Theory & Practice*

Acting I
Ethnic Theatre Studies
Acting II
Acting Techniques I
Acting Techniques II**
Voice For The Stage
Stage Movement I/II
Physical Theatre I/II
Acting III**

Elements of Theater Production I
Elements of Theater Production II
Creating Social Activist Images*
Computer-Aided Drafting & Design
Costume Design**
Lighting Design**
Stage Design**
Design Practicum

Playwriting I**
Playwriting II**
Playwriting Practicum

Dance For Musicals I/II**
Jazz I**/II**
Beginning Ballet I/II
Intermediate Ballet I/II
Elements of Dance
Dance: An Invitation to the Sacred

Directing I**
Directing II**
Directing Practicum

Marketing The Arts
Production Management
Producing the Performing Arts

Creative Dramatics I
Creative Dramatics II

Composition and Performance Workshop
Teaching Assistantship
Departmental Honors
Readings and Research