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Spring 2008 Syllabi

Instructor Courses
Sarah Babb SC040.01  Global Sociology
SC761.01  Second Year Graduate Writing Seminar
Chiwen Bao SC041.01  Race Relations
Abigail Brooks SC024.01  Gender and Society
SC371.01  Gender, Environment, Health & Technology
Dana Cervenakova SC313.01  Sociology of Disability & Chronic Illness
Mariela Dakova SC280.01  Society and National Identity in the Balkans
Jared Del Rosso SC215.02  Social Theory
Charles Derber SC092.01  Peace or War: U.S - 3rd World
SC375.01  American Economic Crisis and Social Change
Lisa Dodson SC735.01  Research at the Margins
Kristen Drummey SC001.04  Introductory Sociology
SC001.05  Introductory Sociology

April J. Fletcher SC378.01  Introduction to Social Work
Ellen G. Friedman SC225.01  Introduction to Feminisms
SC664.01  Colloquium in Teaching Women's Studies
Ted Gaiser SC046.01  Technology and Society
Paul Gray SC093.01  Comparative Social Change
SC710.01  Survey Research Methods
Matt Gregory SC001.09  Introductory Sociology
SC084.01  Mass Media in American Society
Jim Hamm SC003.01  Introductory Anthropology
SC003.02  Introductory Anthropology
SC387.01  Sixties Through Film
SC388.01  Culture Through Film
Jessica Hedges SC310.01  Studies in Crime and Social Justice
SC422.01  Internships in Criminology
SC423.01  Internships in Criminology II
Sharlene Hesse-Biber SC089.01  Women and the Body
SC505.01  Beauty Fictions
Masa Higo SC393.01  Young and Old: Social Conflicts of Aging
David Karp SC001.02  Introductory Sociology
SC550.01  Important Readings in Sociology
SC556.01  Senior Honors Thesis
Darcy Leach SC079.01  Social Psychology
SC357.01  Social Change in Action
SC794.01  Public Sociology
Ritchie Lowry SC001.01  Introductory Sociology
SC578.01  Corporate Social Responsibility
Michael Malec SC200.01  Statistics
SC359.01  Sports in American Society
Paul Marcus SC268.01  History and Development of Racism
Johanna Pabst SC076.01  Sociology of Popular Culture
Deborah Piatelli SC210.01  Research Methods
Franck Salameh SC148.01  Language, Memory and Identity in the Middle East
Joelle Sano SC001.08  Introductory Sociology
Juliet Schor SC399.01  Advanced Independent Research
SC771.01  Understanding Consumer Society
SC781.01  Dissertation Seminar
Eve Spangler SC072.01  Inequality in America
SC215.01  Social Theory
SC305.01  Capstone: Doing Well & Good
Instructor SC716.01  Contemporary Social Theory
Matthew Williams SC001.06 Introductory Sociology
SC087.01  Social Movements
John Williamson SC097.01  Death and Dying
SC540.01  Internship in Sociology I
SC541.01  Internship in Sociology II
SC703.01  Multivariate Statistics