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Affiliated BC Faculty

slavic & eastern languages and literatures

Thomas Epstein   
Adjunct Assistant Professor, A&S Honors Program


BC faculty teaching in related fields

Kathleen Bailey, Adjunct Associate Professor (Political Science)

Ali Banuazizi, Professor (Political Science)

Paul Christensen, Adjunct Associate Professor (Political Science)

Gerald M. Easter, Associate Professor (Political Science)

Kenji Hayao, Associate Professor (Political Science)

Christina Klein, Assistant Professor (English)

Roberta T. Manning, Professor (History)

Prasannan Parthasarathi, Associate Professor (History)

Dia M.L. Philippides, Professor (Classical Studies)

Michael Resler, Professor (German Studies)

Robert S. Ross, Professor (Political Science)

Dana Sajdi, Assistant Professor (History)

Franziska Seraphim, Associate Professor (History)

Laurie Shepard, Associate Professor (Romance Languages and Literatures)

Min Hyoung Song, Associate Professor (English)

Francis Y.K. Soo, Professor (Philosophy)