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Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly

Nature and Purpose
Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly (LBFE) is a non-profit, non-sectarian volunteer-based organization committed to relieving isolation and loneliness often experienced among the elderly. Originating in France in 1946, LBFE was founded on the philosophy of "flowers before bread" - of nurturing the spirit as well as the body. "Flowers before bread" expresses the concept of meeting basic human needs in the spirit of friendship and celebration; we give love as well as food and services. The elderly we serve are not "clients," but "old friends."  LBFE will be accepting 15 PULSE students into their program this year.


  • Each PULSE student will be matched with one elder and will be responsible for visiting that elder for 3 to 4 hours each week throughout the academic year. In addition, each PULSE student will be required to spend 4 hours, either one afternoon or morning per week, at the Little Brothers office. During this time, students will be involved with the following LBFE programs:
  • On-Call: Assist elderly folks with medical transportation, delivering emergency food packages and or emergency food shopping.
  • Family of Friends: Visit other elders involved in Family of Friendship Program- those elders most needy of Little Brothers friendship and services.
  • Special Events: Assist staff in conducting special events: Saturday luncheons, holiday parties, and breakfasts.
  • Telephone Reassurance: Make weekly calls to assigned elders, up to 10 per week.
  • Attend/co-host events which take place during PULSE students' office hours.

Time Requirements
The semester will begin with an orientation session familiarizing the PULSE students with LBFE's history and mission along with issues facing urban elders. This orientation will provide students with some insight on what to expect in working with the elderly but also allows students a chance to meet with the staff and ask questions.

During office time, students will work closely with LBFE's staff and this will allow for team-like supervision. LBFE staff will be available during office time to provide support, and guidance, to answer questions, to provide direction and on-going training. In addition, elders involved in the program will be called by LBFE staff bi-weekly to monitor the progress of the student/elderly friendship.

3305 Washington Street. 
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-0010