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Ursula Anderson

postdoctoral fellow


Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011

Office: McGuinn 346

Academic Interests: Ursula’s research explores the role that linguistic and nonlinguistic factors play in processing and conceptualizing the identity-nonidentity (e.g., the brown cube is identical to the brown cube), larger-smaller (e.g., the horse is bigger than the cat), and more-less (e.g., one quarter is less than two dimes) relations that stand between objects, quantities, and numerosities during the first two years of life. This research explores the influence of such factors as: infant receptive and productive vocabularies, labeling with nouns versus adjectives, natural versus artificial stimuli, and parental interactions. Because researchers believe that relational thinking is not innate, contributes to a child’s success in preschool, and forms the basis of higher-order cognitive skills (e.g., understanding mathematical operations and reasoning with analogies), this line of research may be especially important to parents and early child educators.

Undergraduate Institution/Degrees: Bucknell University, BS; Georgia Institute of Technology, MS