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Travel to Conferences

graduate student handbook

General guidelines (not just those specific to graduate students) are on our department Travel Reimbursements page.

Travel to a conference can be subsidized from three different sources. Students can apply for each source of funding only once per academic year (June 1 to May 31).

1st expense report
$50-$125* GSA submit to GSA
2nd expense report $250 Provost's Office** submit to Psychology
3rd expense report
$350 GSAS* &
all other funding
submit to Psychology

*Only for students who present at the conference
**Only for students who present at the conference and for first-year students

Bottom line: Each academic year (June 1 to May 31), students who present are eligible for up to $725, and students not presenting are eligible for $50, except for first year students, who are eligible for up to $300.

Remember to submit your receipts!

Funds from the GSA

Students must apply for funds from the Graduate Student Association before the conference. This grant allows one of the following each academic year:

  • up to $50 for attending a conference
  • up to $100 for general research
  • up to $125 for presenting a paper or poster

Students apply for and submit this funding separately from the department main office.

Funds from Professional Development Grant (Provost)

This grant through the Provost's Office provides funds to all students presenting a paper or poster, and also allows first-year students to be reimbursed when not presenting. This grant is for a maximum of $250 per academic year.

Submit this expense report form to the Psychology Department.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Airfare or other transportation expenses
  • Non-transportation conference expenses with receipts (hotel, meals, registration, etc.)

Funds from GSAS

Psychology students delivering a talk or presenting a poster can receive a maximum of $350 per academic year. See the Graduate Student Conference Reimbursement guidelines.

Before the conference, students must submit a request for such funding to GSAS Associate Dean Candace Hetzner using the Conference Participants form.

Submit this expense report form to the Psychology Department. This form can include funding not covered by one of the sources described above, such as funding from a grant.

You must include:

  1. The confirmation email from GSAS approving your requests for funding
  2. The title and/or abstract for your presentation

GSAS will not pay a per diem.


Posters: Please include a BC seal on your poster.