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Department of Psychology

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Research News


Gene Heyman is featured in Science News and a New York Times debate about the nature of addiction. Posted 3/10/14.

Brendan Gaesser, Liane Young, and Elizabeth Kensinger have been awarded a Templeton Science of Prospection grant. Posted 8/21/14. [read more]

Jim Russell's new work on disgust is featured in Boston College Magazine. Posted 8/19/14.

Michael Numan, professor in Psychology until 2012, has published a new book, Neurobiology of Social Behavior. Posted 8/15/14.

Two behavioral neuroscientists join our faculty: John Christianson (as of July 1, 2013) and Michael McDannald (as of July 1, 2014). Clinical psychologist Barry Schneider, specializing in research on child psychopathology, joins our faculty September 1, 2014.


Colloquium Speaker Series
David Miele, LSOE
McGuinn 334
3:30 pm

Colloquium Speaker Series
William Seeley, Bates College
McGuinn 334
3:30 pm

Research in focus

Liane Young, assistant professor of psychology and the director of the Morality Lab at Boston College, talks about her research that focuses on the cognitive and neural basis of human moral judgment and behavior.


Sara Cordes, assistant professor of psychology and principal investigator of the Infant and Child Cognition Lab, discusses some of the more than 20 research studies currently being conducted in the lab.